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Creature (Double) Feature: a Stargate Atlantis comic
This comic was originally tailored for the Stuck on you challenge over at flashfic, but I have at least four more pages to go, and the deadline is *arrhemh* tomorrow? So that's not happening. I actually had the flash of the image this is based on right before that challenge was issued, but only recently got an idea what to do with it. [eta: originally posted as WIP, now complete]

Summary: A tale of mystery, intrigue, alien critters!
Spoilers: set in early season four
Disclaimer: fan art, unauthorized & not for profit.

Media: a merry mix of pencil, ink, watercolor, ecoline, acrylics, and Photoshop.

Many thanks to rheanna27 for beta'ing the comic and particularly for helping me with my technobabble, also to sholio for script beta. Thanks to patk and Marta for help with Zelenka's Czech.

General question: When reading web comics, do you prefer them printer-friendly, or do you only read them on-screen? I'm considering posting this not in the traditional comic book page format, since that format comes with a lot of limitations that really don't make a lot of sense in this medium - unless readers actually like to print out the artwork. Any input on this would be really helpful. [eta: thanks, everyone, that answers my question :)]
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