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fic rec and linkage
Finished another book. Well, it was just about two dozen small illus, no cover. Still, book is book. Means I can go ahead and sketch the next part of the comic. And maybe also draw those two scenes that keep floating around in my head with precious little backstory (so far).

fic rec: Stories of Murder and Woe by rhymer23 (Ways to die challenge)
summary (author's):
For stories of murder and woe, that kill all our friends from the show,
Where death is the norm, in a limerick form,
Just click on the link there below.

But, reader, before you proceed, ensure that these warnings you read:
There's Death! but no kissing, and spoilers are missing*;
It's PG (so, parents, take heed.)
So. very. Awesome. Caldwell's my favorite. McKay's and Carter's cracked me up. Very funny, the lot of them. (To my shame I must admit that I only got Chuck's on second reading...)

Things Wot I Wanted To Link (but didn't have the time):
o animated Bayeux Tapestry Shiny and educational :)
o David Hewlett Q&A Part 2. Wherein almost all the questions get asked by wraithfodder.
o browser error message: The wormhole cannot be established
o The Big Lebowski - F_cking Short Version Yikes. I mean, f*ck!
o If you're looking for something to watch during strike hiatus: The IT Crowd is a Britsh online sitcom (actually I think it got picked up by Channel 4 now) about the geeks of the IT support department of a large office. Watched only part one so far and what I saw was pretty funny. [just watched two more; really hilarious]

re: OTW/Archive Of Our Own: this post by amireal nails all the reasons why I'm supporting OTW myself. She's saying way more eloquently than I could why it is a good idea at the right time, so I shall just link to her post and get back to my sketchbook.

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Wow, I was just thinking about that I had seen a post from you for a while. Hope your new year is going well so far.

Are you coming down to San Diego again this year?

Oh, SD. Yeah, pretty good chance I'll go, though nothing 100% certain yet. I'd also love to go to Writercon, provided that's actually happening. If it does, maybe I'm lucky and it'll be the weekend before or after Comic con, not the same frikkin days like last time.

You're going, I take it? Remind me sometime to question you about the Hostel... I'm wondering whether the single rooms aren't the better choice since they're not facing the street (or, worse, that back alley).

Fire away an email any time you like. Happy to help if I can.

I love "The Big Lebowski".

Have you ever seen "The Wire"? There's a brilliant (and absolutely hysterical) 5-minute scene between two detectives and variations of the word fuck is the only word uttered. Plus they manage to solve a six month old murder case at the same time.

I saw half an episode of The Wire. Seemed like a very good show (though hysterical wouldn't be the word coming to mind for that ep I saw ;).

The show is often very, very funny although in a very bleak way.

From the very first episode of the very first season: (they're talking about a craps game)

Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: I got to ask you. If every time Snotboogie would grab the money and run away, why'd you even let him in the game?
Witness: What?
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty: If Snotboogie always stole the money, why'd you let him play?
Witness: You got to, this is America, man.

I, mean, that's funny.

I must admit I was really surprised when most of the questions given to David Hewlett on that SciFi Q&A were mine! :)

"There's only four people watching the show" *snicker*

It's funny when you watch these Q&As and actually recognize the names. Small world.

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