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SGA 5x05, plus linkage
slash-filk-comment-fest at Making Light
Not really worksafe, I guess. Thread is up to 143 comments and includes highlights like:

Ryker had a sly, smug grin,
and carried a sex toy.
With Deana and a Klingon,
he'd had Menage a' Troi.

An’ it’s who’ll slash ye this time
Who’ll slash ye noo?
The lass who slashed ye last, lad,
She no will slash ye noo.

Got the minor quibble that the replicator exposition-fest in the middle should have been streamlined. Other than that, I loved this one a lot. I was unspoiled and had no idea at any given time what was going to happen. After a while I was largely convinced it really was Elizabeth - I thought the actress formerly playing Fran did a great job as Elizabeth. Still, I was never a hundred percent sure if it was really her (which worked great in convincing me that Sheppard and Co couldn't be sure either.)

One of my favorite episodes this season so far, though I liked the previous four, too. (Well, then again they could show 43 minutes of Rodney in the infirmary not dropping Teyla's baby and I'd be okay with that.)

I'm always intrigued when they make morally questionable decisions that might later come back to haunt them. Even though it was Weir's plan to lure the other replicators into that trap, they did betray the other ones. That can't look good on their Karmic balance. It seems that they would fare better if they could bring themselves to trust the replicators. Feels like they screwed up by turning a potential ally into yet another enemy... again. On the other hand. That one renegade (forgot his name) who wasn't with the plan showed that they *are* loose cannons.

Anyway. It's ambiguous. No easy answers. I like.
I didn't get anything done today. We had to take the cat to the vet to pull an infected fang, and I slept maybe one hour the night before because of nerves. It's midnight now and I'm starting to feel more alert, finally, so I'll try to get some work done.

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I heard that SGA won't be renewed (haven't confirmed it yet).
I thought of you...

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