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fic rec [SGA], and that photo meme
fic rec:
Breaking Up in Three Easy Clichés by xparrot
McKay/Keller; PG; spoilers for "The Last Man" and "The Shrine"; ~3,300 words

Xparrot says in the story notes that she doesn't like this pairing much and wrote this fic to come to terms with it; you couldn't tell from reading the story. As someone who does like the pairing, I'll be thrilled if the canon writers can pull off writing a relationship this believable and respectful to the characters.

gakked from all over my friends list: photo meme (Because I just bought a new camera)
# Take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW.
# Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair … just take a picture.
# Post that picture with NO editing.
# Post these instructions with your picture.

(The hair actually always looks like this.)

linkage: McCain: The Mavericking Maverick Mavericks More
The story of an aging warrior, dragging himself from a restful retirement to fight once more: possibly senile, definitely psychotic, obsessed with reclaiming past glories with no thought to the consequences.
Photos of McCain with caps from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Oddly fitting. Very funny (in a rather chilling way).

Back at work as of now, I guess. Well, after I hit 'post' I am. I spent a large part of last week prettying up the apartment while my roommate was on vacation. Cleaning, painting my room, cleaning some more, chasing the damn moths out of the kitchen*, doing eight loads of laundry, cleaning. I even picked flowers for the kitchen table. :) Now I know why our apartment normally doesn't look really really nice: if you want a really really nice looking apartment, it's a full-time job.

I finally found the main moth headquarters in a glass that used to contain only Kellog's Smacks, but now looked more like the dinner du jour on a very special episode of Fear Factor. It was so gross that I was almost too fascinated to be grossed out. Now, with that... thing removed, I hope we can finally get that moth problem under control that started years ago with an innocent package of muesli.

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I just took the camera out of the box, put the batteries in, held the thing at arm's length and clicked... and out came this really nice pic. Normally I make either weird grimaces or look like a criminal when someone wants to take my picture. I already like my new camera muchly.

(Deleted comment)
As observed in her natural habitat.

Turned out way better than they normally do, this one.

Hee hee, you look like you know a naughty secret in that pic!

Haha. I do, don't I? I don't know where that comes from.

(Deleted comment)
It totally has its own agenda.


And it's practical, too. When I came back from vacation I couldn't find my hairbrush for three days, and you could barely see a difference. Heh.

Seriously, I like it like this and it takes zero work to maintain. As a kid, my mom used to cut my hair extremely short. Looked fugly. *shudders* As a kid I rather wanted to be a boy, but not an ugly boy. So when I was 15, I declared that no one was allowed to cut that hair but me. I still don't let anybody else near it.

Moths suck! I keep almost all my food stuffs in closed jars and I try to check regularly, and yet they are *still there*, and populate the pheromone glue traps I've put up. The last ones I found en masse infested some black tea bags I had forgotten about at the back of an upper shelf. And the rodent food doesn't help. Actually twice I've found visible evidence of moths already as larvae and pupae when I first opened the vacuum seal, so I can only guess how often I missed eggs or whatever they start out in when they are less conspicuous. But I think the pheromone traps work at least well for population control, and they aren't toxic for me or my pets, so I can recommend that route to you if you haven't already tried them.

BTW, your hair reminds me of Zelenka's somehow...

The last ones I found en masse infested some black tea bags I had forgotten about at the back of an upper shelf.

Huh, I thought black tea was one of the few things they don't infest. I'm gonna have to check those boxes, too.

I keep almost all my food stuffs in closed jars and I try to check regularly, and yet they are *still there*

We keep a lot of stuff in jars that shut tightly, and they still get in there. I even had to throw out a few packets of almonds and other things that were still sealed. Maybe they gnaw tiny holes through the plastic?

Those traps sound like a good idea, I'll try that, too. I'm pretty sure I didn't get them all, and the population bounces back freakishly fast.

It was black tea flavored with spices, so they could have gotten into it for the spices maybe? But it was definitely moths.

And the traps really helped me. The ones I bought last about six weeks and one is sufficient for a whole room, so no hassle with having to put one in every cabinet. I have now the second set, and there are fewer moths caught on these than on the previous ones and I don't see adult moths fluttering around every evening anymore either.

Thanks for the link with Frank Miller/McCain.
Is it bad? that I could remember practically all the pages from where the dialogs came from. Sadly enough I find the stories he created afterwards, are more a satirical joke over his own writing style.

I couldn't remember all the lines, too, though not always the scenes they came from. Better than Dick... heh.

I bought the first book of his followup story to the Dark Night, but I was turned off by the gharish computer coloring that ruined his inkwork. The first part was colored so beautifully, it's a shame. I can't even comment on the story, I couldn't get past the coloring.

Friday morning at work I went to get some coffee
I first went to rinse out my mug, having accidentally left some dregs in it from Thursday afternoon.

I noticed something in it.

It was a mid-sized, drowned *roach*.
The little head was hidden below the coffee line, but the antennae were sticking up.


FWIW I have never seen a bug of any kind roaming the office.

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