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comic: The Long Way Home, by Rheanna and Astrid
Two weeks ago during my week off, I was sitting in my freshly painted room, feeling vaguely restless, and realized that I really missed having a comic to work on. So I emailed rheanna27 and asked if she would be interested in collaborating on one. Luckily for me, she was, and a couple of days later she mailed me a kick-ass script. :o) Seriously, I'm so excited about illustrating it that I have to practically tear myself away from it. Page one is finished and posted below... the other eight pages are already sketched and I really hope it won't take me that long to update. [eta: now COMPLETE]

Title: The Long Way Home
Author: rheanna27, Artist: astridv
Rating: PG
Characters: team (gen)
Spoilers: Set in season five; no specific spoilers.
Thanks to counteragent for script beta and jennytork for the summary.
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[eta: rheanna27 has posted the script for this comic and some behind-the-scenes musings over at her LJ, for those interested in the process of making comics.]


Great comic.
What a sad ending, they don't even suspect that they are trapped forever. In the dream world that they created together when they joined together.

Your mind goes creepy, creepy places...

(Deleted comment)
*thunderous applause* That balcony scene is so beautiful. And team and boys with the teasing and bickering and oh, John!!! I wish there were at least nine more pages!

I wish there were at least nine more pages!

I'm still basking in the accomplished feeling that comes with nine finished pages. But that rarely lasts long with me. Heh. And I think both Rheanna and I got a taste for it now, so... :)

Cool! I really enjoyed the end of this.

Thank you, glad you liked it. :)

YAY! Wonderful ending. Thanks so much.

Awesomecakes with awesomesauce!! This is wonderful!

EEEEEEEE!!!! SO MUCH TEAM LOVE!!!! *hugs!* I can't wait to see the next one! (See? This is what happens when you do something so awesome! You barely finish one and already people want the next one. It helps that your comics are so much better than the actual SGA comics...) ^__^ ♥

Yay, thank you, that's a great compliment.

I actually haven't read any of those official comics, though I did see a few pages on DeviantArt and thought they weren't too bad... not brilliant by any means, but I've seen way worse with some of the older Buffy and Angel tie-ins.

I can't wait to see the next one!


You both did a magnificent job on this. It's a wonderful gem of a comic!

Thank you!
(I like your icon)

This was so wonderful! The story's so funny, and realistic (within the realms of SGA, that is). I loved Rodney's: 'My whole life is like lying awake at 3 in the morning worrying.' And the art is beautiful! I loved the bit on the balcony at the end, and the little glimpse of Atlantis' towers.

and realistic (within the realms of SGA, that is)

*g* I was watching Missing with a friend the other day, and she was like "I can buy wormholes and wonky physics and screwed-up biology, but it's totally unrealistic that Teyla wouldn't trade her stick for that big-ass axe." But yeah, one of the things I love about SGA is that you can do any way-out plot and no one will bat an eyelash.

Still loving this so so much. I love their faces (Rodney's "in broad terms, yes" = <333) and the lovely lovely backgrounds.

Thank you. I had a ball drawing this.

Excellent! I'm glad to see it completed and love the art and story :)

Thanks! I'm really happy to see it completed, too.

This is absolutely gorgeous. The story is intriguing and the character voices pitch perfect, and the art captures them so well while still staying close to old-school comic book style. Simply amazing. ♥

Thank you so much, I'm happy you liked it.

Everything I draw will come out comic-book style unless I try very deliberately for a different look. This is just the style that feels most natural to me. And man, it's so much fun to draw these characters in a comic book.


...Sorry not to be more coherent but LOVE. (and SQUEE!) Both of you deserve giant shiny gold stars and hearts and everything - the final dialogue about John not being good at being alone anymore, and Rodney's anxieties, and then Ronon reassuring Teyla and HAND HOLDING and the city is so pretty! And the art layout for the last pages was really great and expressive. Awesomeness, all around! (and LOVE!)

(Deleted comment)
Ha! Great dialog at the end, and gorgeous work as usual!

Absolutely Fabulous!

Yay! You finished it! This whole thing has been clever and perfectly drawn.

that was great! really good likenesses.

last page and I can't help feeling Rodney's real fear is simply being alone.

Well, like Rheanna said, Rodney already faced his greatest fear in The Shrine and I think that's true... he defines himself by his intellect so much, I think losing that would be the thing he fears most.

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It's great--great story, and visually just beautiful.

Thank you very much. :)

YAY! Its good to see how it ended. Still love this comic to pieces. :-)

Aw! This was lovely; I really enjoyed it.

Overall excellence! Great story and beautifully illustrated. I love the ending. *prints*

So glad you like. Let me know if it doesn't print right. I could put up print versions if these pages don't work.

Ha! That's a great explanation for why Rodney coped best of anyone. Good story, good art, good times!

Oh, that was awesome and gorgeous. I'm amazed by how much you made them look like themselves and the whole thing was just beautiful. The story was intriguing and different, too.

Thanks! Getting the likeness right is an interesting challenge... plus, I can't get enough of drawing them.

I've been waiting until the whole thing was complete; I'm not good at controlling my impatience when I start reading WIPs. And this was worth the wait! Oh my gosh. The story is a gem, and the artwork is just gorgeous.

The page with John falling is amazing... the sky behind Ronon and Teyla just prior to that looks like it's full of tornados... the view of John and Rodney on the balcony at the end... Every panel has wonderful details to discover!

And John's admission at the end, that he's not good at being alone any more - so perfect! And Rodney saved the day. :)

Thank you both for such a wonderful piece!

Thanks! I'm very pleased you liked it.

A really good idea to wait until it was complete. If I'd known I could finish it this fast, I might even have hold back the individual pages (though usually I'm just too impatient for that myself...)


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