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fic rec [SGA]: See No Evil by greyias
fic rec:
See No Evil by greyias
Gen; PG-13; Written for Big Bang - Stargate program: Never happened. 89048 words
Summary: In a world without the SGC, John Sheppard never got his second chance and is ushered into early retirement. Nine months later he's working as a test pilot for the world's leading defense contractor on a groundbreaking new plane, and has just been introduced to his difficult new coworker, one Dr. Rodney McKay. However, not everything is as it appears to be. There's something very strange about this plane, John's employer--and Rodney McKay.

This is such an entertaining, well written story, I loved everything about it. It's got an engaging plot, with humor, suspense, spot-on characterization... everything a fic reader's heart desires. This story sure doesn't feel like almost-90,000 words. The setting works really well - it's a very plausible AU-divergence of the 'gateverse, and everybody is totally in character. It's a lot of fun seeing Sheppard and McKay snarking at each other, and finally bonding. A great friendship fic.

linkage: Been meaning to link this for ages: cake wrecks. More cake wrecks. There's a whole blog of them.

The beta version of the Archive of Our Own has opened to the public. Whohoo! (So far only browsing afaik; account creation coming soon.) Okay, I'm feeling kind of guilty because I am one of the archive testers but the past two weeks I was crazy busy with work and our new comic. I've just been feeling incredibly inspired, and you got to surf a wave of creativity while it lasts or you run the risk of losing it. So, on the plus side, page 2 of the comic is halfway inked. And I haven't fallen behind on work, either.

Many interesting LJ discussions going on, but again... work... comic... not enough hours in the day so I'm mostly lurking at the moment. And I opened an account over at Deviantart. I'm just cross-posting some of my fanart from LJ over there right now. I might use it to post some original art as well later... still testing the waters. But, oh man, some of the galleries over there have gorgeous art. You could lose yourself on that site. I've only taken a few peeks so far, but check these out: bluefooted, ursulav, jdillon82

Question for British folks: Has the new season of American Idol already started? (Yeah, loosing major cool points, I fear...)

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Yay Deviantart! This person's artwork makes my head and heart hurt it's so pretty! I could spend hours at that site (and do).

Oh, man, cake_wrecks sucked me in last night. I went to bed late because of cake_wrecks. It's mesmerizing.

I laughed so hard, there were tears.

(Deleted comment)
I boggle almost more at the edible baby with the scary-ass likeness. Yum.

Yay comic!

Heh. Pencilled another panel on the train yesterday... and a close-up of Ronon which I can actually use as well (which pleases me greatly, because I didn't have any screen caps with me.)

Oh, that reminds me, I wanted to mail you the layouts for the last three pages. Gonna do that sometime today, I just have to locate them. You won't believe what my desk looks like.

Cake Wrecks is made of awesome :D

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