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Yay Deviantart! This person's artwork makes my head and heart hurt it's so pretty! I could spend hours at that site (and do).

Oh, man, cake_wrecks sucked me in last night. I went to bed late because of cake_wrecks. It's mesmerizing.

I laughed so hard, there were tears.

I was telling someone last weekend about the bride on cakewrecks whose wedding cake was a full life-size replica of *herself* and they didn't believe me.

Yay comic!

I boggle almost more at the edible baby with the scary-ass likeness. Yum.

Yay comic!

Heh. Pencilled another panel on the train yesterday... and a close-up of Ronon which I can actually use as well (which pleases me greatly, because I didn't have any screen caps with me.)

Oh, that reminds me, I wanted to mail you the layouts for the last three pages. Gonna do that sometime today, I just have to locate them. You won't believe what my desk looks like.

Cake Wrecks is made of awesome :D

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