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Stargate Atlantis: The Mobile
As my handmade meme thing for trystings, I made a little mobile. It's got a Wraith dart. And a little puddlejumper. With a little Shep. I had the idea to turn my backup scans into a cut-out sheet so people can make their own mobile. Many thanks to Trystings for letting me share her meme-thing here. :)

So, the final result looks like this...

Step 1:
Print or xerox the sheets below onto cardboard. (200g paper, for those of you who're metric... for those who aren't, it's a light cardboard. It should be heavier than normal paper (which is ~90g), otherwise the objects will be too light.))


Step 2: Cut'em out and glue the front and back sides together.

Step 3: Find something to hang them on. You can get mobilé kits with little wires (like in the picture) in an arts&crafts store, they don't cost much.

Step 4: That's the fun part. Take some yarn and tie the objects to the wires like in the pics below. (It's a bit tricky at first to balance it out.)

Something like this:

Voilà, mobile!
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very cool! thanks for sharing your directions and scans with us!

'tis my pleasure. :) I had much fun assembling it so I really wanted to share it.

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