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fic recs (SGA) / looking for French fanfic
Can anyone rec me some fanfic in French? Gen would be great, and well-written, and preferably short. Like, less than thousand words. It could be in any of these fandoms: SGA, SG-1, NCIS, DS9, Voyager, Buffy, Angel, Bones.

more rec-crossposting from ficrec/genrec:
Start From Now by bluflamingo
gen; Characters: Jennifer Keller, Katie Brown; spoilers for S3 Sunday; 2,211 words
Summary: Jennifer nearly turned down the Atlantis expedition when she got offered it...

An insightful character piece that provides some interesting and plausible backstory for Jennifer. The characterization is spot on and well-rounded... showing her confidence in her own skills as a medical professional as well as her inner conflicts; the determination beneath the insecurity. I also rather like the friendship she strikes up with Katie Brown... that we didn't see in canon (which I now think is a bit of a shame).
snippet: It wasn’t even a lie. She loved her job at the SGC, had loved it ever since Dr Andrews, who always did the medical recruitment visits, had turned up at her office with an airman in dress blues, talking about a research paper she’d just published and asking her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It was exciting, and different, and she didn’t get guns waved in her face nearly as often as she had working in the ER (and the people who did usually came by to apologize, often with gifts, once they’d recovered from whatever alien thing had made them do it in the first place).

In Medias Res by Blue Shadowdancer
Gen; Characters: Rodney, Carson, Sheppard, Rating: K+; 6,114 words
Summary: Rodney wakes up in the infirmary, with no memory of how he got there. Just another day? Not quite...

I'm trawling because every once in a while one stumbles across an interesting new writer. This story is really interesting: a suspenseful fic with a deep Rodney-POV that's very effective.

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It's a long shot but there must be some fic out there, right?
Your icon reminded me that I totally forgot to add Buffy and Angel to the list.

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