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puppet hero - art by astridv
Hawkguy: Afternoon Stroll (story by neveralarch)

other fan comics

The Long Way Home
Story by rheanna27; 9 pages; teamfic; gen
Summary: Lost in a nightmare world, can the Team find their way home?

Fear of the Dark
Story by rheanna27
Gen; PG; Characters: Jennifer&Teyla, plus team; set in season 5, post 'The Seed'
Length: 8 pages plus epilogue, complete
Summary: Sometimes the darkness follows you home...

Creature (Double) Feature
A tale of mystery, intrigue, alien critters!

Final Images or Five MALPs That Didn't Make It Back
a fan-comic-like thingy...

Smile Time: The Comic
Summary: Angel wants to blow off steam. Things don't go quite as expected.
Six pages of gratuitous Spike&Angel snarkage: a tag to the season five episode 'Smile Time' in which our dark and brooding hero got transformed into a muppet.
(For those interested in making comics: here's the script)

(AtS/Fray crossover)
An Angel/Fray crossover, set post-NFA, post-apocalypse... in which Angel and Gunn end up in Melaka Fray's Haddyn. (12 pages, story by yhlee)

(The X-Files)
story by Shannon Fisher; 30 pages
Summary: Mulder, Scully, a monster, scientists with questionable ethics... good times. :)

one shots

The Avengers/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D:


Fullmetal Alchemist:

SGA: oneshots

a few SGA character sketches and a few more Shep sketches. Also: shirtless!John, shirtless!Rodney

(all oneshots collected in a single post here)

more oneshots (Bones, XF, Angel

Cover art for newscaper's Bones story Servare Vitas

SV story illustration

Bones character sketches : part 1 and part 2
Bones cartoons:
Two Men in a Mini


AtS character sketches: Angel, Gunn, Angel(us), Gunn, Booth

X-Files character sketches

more artwork:
Six illustrations for Lewis Carroll's 'The Hunting of the Snark'

travel sketches

... And a few children's book illustrations :)

I'm always fine with linking to any of my posts, but please don't upload my fanart or original art to other sites without permission. (Feel free to snag the thumbnails.)

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I Love your illustrations! ::hugs::

Edited at 2009-06-07 06:49 pm (UTC)

Thank you kindly. :)
So this post showed up on your friends list? 'Cause I kinda figured it wouldn't, since I've set the date to 2020. Hm, I assume I'll have to mark that box that says 'date of of order' to make sure my consecutive posts will be readable to others.

Still needs some testing... but now I finally have a proper intro post!

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i am still amazed!!! i hope you make a living of your talent! all the best

Thank you. :) Yeah, this is how I make a living. Illustration is nothing to get rich on, but it's satisfying work.

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