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fic rec [SGA]
Five Times Rodney McKay Babysat the Athosians by cat_77
gen; PG; ~ 1,200 words
summary:The amazing thing was, they kept asking him to do it.

This was frikking hilarious!

Adventures in Babysitting by siriaeve
gen; Ronon & Torren; 900 words

Ronon smiled at her with as much attention as he could spare from the vital task of not dropping Torren. "You sure there's no one else who can look after him?"

"Jennifer has several minor surgeries this afternoon," Teyla said, as smoothly as if she'd prepared these points beforehand, "Rodney is having his quarterly departmental review with Mr Woolsey, Dr Zelenka is engaged in a rather complicated simulation, and John is, well..."

One of Those Days All Week by mad_maudlin
gen; PG-13; whump, angst, humor; 5,145 words
Summary: Rodney has a bad day. A very long, very bad day.

This was written for linziday, less_star and myself, who all wished the same for the 'wish fulfillment' challenge at flashfic. Mad_maudlin writes Rodney running on empty, and she really gets into his sleep-deprived head. Very cool fic!

None-fanfic related linkage:
[info - personal] monanotlisa found this pinned to the mirror of a bathroom in Germany: A Handwaschanleitung. Yup, apparently in our country we have manuals on how to wash our hands. I'm just so proud.

And my favorite kind of cake wreck is still this... here's another one... and another one...


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