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fic rec [SGA]: Remorse by michelel72
I climbed a 4+ tonight. \o/ What is better, I tried the same route last week and found it impossible, and today it was very doable. Maybe I'll try to tackle a 5er next week, if I'm feeling adventurous.

gmail is down for me. Waah. I'm getting a 502 error. Is it down for anyone else? [edit: it's back :)]

Today's weather sucked. I was raining all afternoon. That translates into low energy for me. I seem to get my energy straight from the sun in some kind of weird human photosynthesis. As a result I got almost no work done today. What am I even doing online? Okay, one quick fic rec, then I'll be good and catch up on work.

Remorse by michelel72
Gen; PG; AU of "48 Hours"; Characters: Rodney plus Sam, Daniel, supporting SG-1; 18,500 words
Summary: The truest punishment Sam knows is guilt … and she knows McKay doesn't feel that. Yet.

I love stories that explore the way Rodney's character evolved over the course of both series. This story uses one of my favorite story tropes to do that - Rodney finds himself in the body of his past self - and it explores that premise in really fascinating ways. It all feels very *real*. You get drawn into Rodneys head, and feel at times as trapped there as he does. The story gripped me completely. Not to miss!

Yep, Gmail is pooped in NZ as well. *pout*

I do the same thing with the sun - on a clear, bright day I feel energized and enthusiastic, but on a dull, cloudy day I just fall into a big, lethargic heap. We must be very sensitive to the way the sun affects serotonin levels. Maybe we're part Weather Warden *g*


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