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Nooooooooo you are trying to get me to click on cakewrecks! I always end up spending an hour there...

Even worse: Failblog. I only ever go there when I'm done with my work for the day and am free to goof off. The other day I was reading failblog backlog for at least an hour, giggling non-stop.

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I love Failblog. I'm very tempted to take a picture of some local fail and submit it there.

Really? What kind of local fail?

I still fondly remember this ad from our local paper... fail of the funny kind...

All of the grocery stores here have pharmacies inside. Some of them outside drive up windows for prescription pickup, because it gets pretty cold here, senior citizens, etc. The Baker's Grocery didn't have one.

So the Baker's got a big makeover. Except instead of putting in an exterior drive up window, they put in an exterior walk up window. Right next to the door where seniors can enter the store (and wait for their meds out of the sleeting rain).

I keep forgetting to take a picture. It's amusing.

Hey, Astrid -- we really blew it by not going to San Luis Obispo on our long ago California road trip. I've been reading Lonely Planet: California and it sounds delicious. Sigh.

However, life goes on. I'm a little crazed right now to see either Bryce Canyon or Zion National Park. I know you've done Bryce. Have you seen Zion? Want to think about adding that to the end of SDCC if money allows, for 2010? I'm so sick of going home after five measly days. It's not good for my head. :)

I went to San Luis on my first trip, it's really lovely! (I went mountain hiking, which has great appeal for someone from Westphalia...)

Funny you should say that about Bryce and Zion because I've been wondering how I could talk you into doing a tour of the South-West. :) Two or three of my friends list have been doing road trips this summer, and posted pics, and I'm longing to go back there. I love the countryside. I would totally be on board for that.

KILLER. I will start saving now.

Let's bring your friends too.


PS: Can you link me to the oics? God I'm on fire to see Bryce and Zion. OMG

Stay tuned! I'll see if I can find the posts. Also, I took many pics myself. :)

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*beams* so awesome! I had a TARDIS cake for my 18th bday but it wasn't stood up like that unfortunately.

This one's almost too pretty to eat...

*nods in agreement* WAAAAAAAY too pretty to eat

Wow, that Doctor Who cake looks just amazing!

Great, eh? And I'm still not sure how they did it.

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