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ficlet recs (SGA) (...and one Star Trek)
I have to do something about my sleep rhythm. For the past two weeks I never went to bed before 4am, and consequently barely got up at noon, which leaves 4 meager hours of sunlight (best case scenario). I tried setting my alarm to 11am for a start, but it's useless, I'll just fall asleep again. One morning I hit the off button in my sleep. And it's only gonna get darker. Two more weeks to go. I am so looking forward to winter solstice! At least tonight I'm really tired. It helps that I finished all of my Christmas-deadline work and as to the rest I'm stuck waiting for feedback.

I already started celebrating my free weekend by reading through my stack of short fics. (Everyone's talking about sga_santa and I've barely made a dent in my Big Bang reading. /o\)
I'll rec some longer stories later (sleep first...) but for now, a couple quick recs of short fic I liked:

In Sickness and In Health by linziday
gen; PG-13, John + ensemble; whump, humor; for Holiday H/C Comment Fic Exchange

Local Specialty by penknife
"What a large insect," Teyla says, her tone very carefully polite. She pokes the lobster with the tiny fork that came with it, as if making sure it will not move. (~1,250 words)

Sunlight on Broken Things by frith_in_thorns
gen; PG; h/c
Well-written tag for Storm/Eye

On The Shores of a Wine-Dark Sea by To be revealed
written for the Last Fiction Writer Standing challenge.

xposted from stargategenrec:
Shrine Tag by sholio
gen; PG; Rodney, John, Jennifer, Teyla; 2,850 words
Why rec'd? Excellent Shrine tag. Rodney is slowly recovering (too slowly for his taste). I love how friendshipper writes whumped&cranky Rodney, and his friends who're there to look after him. The writing style is great, and the voices are so spot on, it feels like it's part of the actual episode.

Battle Of Wills by laughtersmelody
gen; PG; John Sheppard, Jennifer Keller
Summary: Doctors make the worst patients. Jennifer Keller had always believed that was true -- she’d had to treat a few other doctors in her career and they’d all been awful patients. But that was before she’d met John Sheppard. He had to win the award for the worst patient ever. (Written for Holiday h/c Comment Fic Exchange at [profile] sgahcchallenges.)
Why rec'd? I like the look we get at Sheppard though Keller's eyes - it gives good insight into both their minds, and feels really in character.

Emblem by penknife (ST reboot, Uhura)
Penknife has this talent to convey a lot of meaning in very few lines. This is a short ficlet, but it just nails what I love about Uhura.

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