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SGA fanart - Teyla/Rodney, dancing
Remember the impromptu art for fic exchange? Well, here is finally the second art. I drew this ages ago at Writercon but I had no idea what to do for the coloring. But I think I figured it out. Thanks to x_varda_x and friendshipper for help with the background. For some reason I'd discarded the gateroom/mess hall window but I think it works. Who's to say that the Ancients didn't use that particular design element in more than two places.

This is done for [personal profile] carolyn_claire's prompt:

For my "romantic dancing" prompt, I saw Rodney and Teyla in formal garb, dancing in Atlantis. It's a fancy do, some kind of big, celebratory thing--maybe they defeated the wraith and found a zillion ZPMs and united the galaxy into a progressive federation, etc. Bigwigs from the Milkyway and Pegasus are both there, including the IOA and the SGC. Sam will be looking lovely in plunging, cobalt blue and dancing with a very distiguished-looking Jack (which Rodney may be a little, ever-so-mildly insecure/jealous about.) John has talked Larrin into coming, though she keeps him waiting and fidgeting through half the party; then, when she finally shows up, she's all smoking hot and exotic and a great match for John in his dress duds, and chemistry abounds. John gets over being annoyed with her when he sees her; he doesn't even mind when she keeps trying to lead when they dance. *g*

Rodney arranged for Teyla to be his "date", possibly in part so that he won't be dateless in front of Sam. He's a little uncomfortable in his tux, though John tells him he looks great as he helps him tie his tie, that it does good things for his shoulders (Rodney is pleased) and hides his gut well (Rodney is annoyed. *g*) Teyla is really interested in attending this Terran-sponsored dressy party, seeing how the other galaxy lives, and Rodney's wondered, briefly, what she'll wear; he's imagined her in something Pegasus-y and exotic, but tasteful, or at least as tasteful as her daily outfits are, which do tend to bare a lot of skin.

When they meet in the "ballroom" (something with vast space and huge windows and balconies overlooking the ocean--any large room in Atlantis, in other words) he's startled into speechlessness to see she's ordered something from Earth to wear--a sleeveless black gown with a deep v-neck that's just this side of provocatively plunging, soft and draping but slim, with a long slit up one leg. Simple, streamlined and sophisticated, with no jewelry--she's the jewel in the setting of the dress, and Rodney's dazzled. They look amazing together, and they dance beautifully--she can follow like a dream and really makes him look like he knows what he's doing. She's a revelation to him, and she's obviously admiring of his tux-clad self.

So that's the image--she and Rodney dancing in the middle of a large open space--maybe still indoors, with most people still around the sides of the dance floor, or maybe they've danced out onto one of the balconies, alone under the stars, and the party is a bright glow through a wall of glass and open doors. He's still sort of wide-eyed and awestruck by her, and she's glowing and happy, and there's a connection happening between them that's evident to anyone who sees them.

Carolyn, I really hope this is what you had in mind. This was the most difficult fanart I've ever done, not gonna lie... this thing kicked my ass. But I did my best to kick back. *g*

Concrit is very welcome, though I'd prefer it in email.

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This is really beautiful; I love all of the shades of cream, blue, and orange, and the style is light and lovely.

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