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sticksandsnark Art: Poetry in Motion, for Tli
Posting is open at sticksandsnark, the Rodney/Teyla thing-a-thon! Here's my contribution.

For tli. I combined two of the prompts:
#1. What exactly did Teyla and Rodney get up to while John and Ronon were on Earth in "Outcast"?
#2. Poetry in motion

technique: sketch xeroxed on watercolor paper and colored with a basic watercolor wash & pastel crayon


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I LOVE Rodney and Teyla here (Teyla's outfit FTW!) but what I love most is your rendering of the practice room. It's so beautiful, and the colors are perfect!

Thank you. :) I'm telling ya, I'm in love with these crayons, I'm burning to try them on something else now. (And I ended up spending more time on the background than I did on the characters so I'm really happy you like it.)


>_> Can't wait to see what you come up with next for these crayons! No subliminal messages here!!


that thought hadn't occurred to me but, hmmmm.

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