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fic recs (FMA, SGA, ST)
Only one more day to go on Project-where-the-deadline-was-last-week. Today I carried a little table into our front yard and worked outside in the sun all day. It was great. I got four pages colored and I even got to squeeze in a bit of rollerblading and watched the latest ep of FMA with the roommate. (My housemates are into the show. Can't say I saw that coming. One of them has even learned the first OP, to sing to the guitar. In Japanese.:)

I imagine the only thing that's saved my flist from a "here's why you should totally watch Brotherhood" post - complete with screencaps and embedded vids - has been my lack of time combined with the gorgeous spring weather. (You totally should, though.)
related: useful link for those learning the language: Japanese colloquial contractions. A lot of things make more sense to me now.

Okay, fic recs! I wanted to rec these stories the moment I read them:
Another Military Party by bookelfe (FMA)
gen with Roy/Riza subtext; characters: Mustang, Hawkeye, Olivier Armstrong, King Bradley and family; 6,302 words
Warning: major spoilers through ch83/ep45
Summary: Shockingly, certain traitorous conspirators are finding this year's Central Officer's Ball a little tense.

Roy and Riza, and the dance of political intrigue: this fic is everything I love about the show and the characters. The characterization is amazing all around, and moments of humor are balanced with tension and drama. (And seeing Roy Mustang dance the Drachmenne with Major General Armstrong... I mean, that alone would be worth the price of admission. :)

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled by sixpences (FMA)
Roy/Hawkeye; PG; spoilers through recent manga chapters; 3,614 words
Summary: Five journeys Roy made with Hawkeye.

Snapshots of Roy and Riza through the years. This story really does their relationship justice; it's beautifully written, and the pacing is just perfect.

Soon as I finished this one I started re-reading.

Never Work with Children or Animals by argosy (SGA)
Rodney/Teyla and Torren; PG; humor; ~4,400
Summary: Rodney should have known better than to accompany Torren to a coming-of-age ritual.

Rodney and Torren doing the father-son (sort of) bonding thing is both hilarious and adorable.

"Torren and I always speak frankly in the lab."
"Is that so?" Sheppard sounded amused.
"Yes," Torren said. "It's a rule. Science demands absolute integrity."
Women's Revolutionary Law by merisunshine36 (ST)
gen; G; characters: Gaila & OFC; Rating: G
Summary: When Gaila was four, she and her clan sister escaped to freedom in the Federation. But freedom, like everything else, comes with a cost. This is their story.

Thanks to [personal profile] yvi I learned that DW now has a feature for sticky posts, which is both simpler and more elegant than the crutch one has to use on LJ. How do I make an entry sticky, so it's always at the top of my journal? (Basically you just write a standard post and then click a "make it sticky" option.)

linkage: Ryan Doyle 2009 - I like to Spin (Parkour/Freerunning)

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*g* Thank you for the rec! bookelfe's story is lovely too, isn't it?

It is amazing. That scene where Roy steps in and treats Selim like a child and gets away with it... gulp.

I think I read hers and yours on the same day. That was a good day in fanfic. *happy sigh*

And I've come to realize that I ship Roy/Riza. I ship them like burning. Something about this pairing makes me forget that I'm a genficcer. ;)

I think it's just that they don't even need any displays of affection or declarations of love or anything like that. And the way they're both so incredibly focused on their goals.

I tend to need to be really grabbed by a pairing to be particularly interested in shipping in a fandom, and they really seized my attention. I really love the unspoken affection too, and that there's a sense that, while they're crazy about each other, they consider their work and their goals to be more important. I am a complete sucker for the noble self-sacrifice.

I still hope that we don't get a really obvious and concrete resolution in canon though. Some kind of 'after the end epilogue' with the implication that they're together would be nice, but I'd much rather keep the freedom to speculate about how and when and why it happened.

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