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*g* Thank you for the rec! bookelfe's story is lovely too, isn't it?

It is amazing. That scene where Roy steps in and treats Selim like a child and gets away with it... gulp.

I think I read hers and yours on the same day. That was a good day in fanfic. *happy sigh*

And I've come to realize that I ship Roy/Riza. I ship them like burning. Something about this pairing makes me forget that I'm a genficcer. ;)

I think it's just that they don't even need any displays of affection or declarations of love or anything like that. And the way they're both so incredibly focused on their goals.

I tend to need to be really grabbed by a pairing to be particularly interested in shipping in a fandom, and they really seized my attention. I really love the unspoken affection too, and that there's a sense that, while they're crazy about each other, they consider their work and their goals to be more important. I am a complete sucker for the noble self-sacrifice.

I still hope that we don't get a really obvious and concrete resolution in canon though. Some kind of 'after the end epilogue' with the implication that they're together would be nice, but I'd much rather keep the freedom to speculate about how and when and why it happened.

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