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vid recs (FMA, SGA), and a handy link for dl'ing vids
YouTube is getting more and more trigger-happy. Remember the FMA AMVs I recced a week ago? I was just talking to a friend about how I tried to download them but it wouldn't work, and my friend pointed me to this site: tube2mp3. (This link goes to the German version.) You enter the vid's URL, check the 'video + audio' box, click 'convert', 'save target as' and voilà. Vid on hd, to enjoy many times over.

So I clicked the link for All is fading, and... it's gone!
Btw, I take back what I said about that vid being too fast-cut. I was just being too slow. After watching it half a dozen times the pacing feels just fine, and it makes a great recruiter vid. I was seriously bummed to see it vanished.

Anyway, the silver lining is that SerenKyun, the vidder, offers some AMVs for download and it's among them. And I got it now. *clings*

I also found another interesting one: Flames of revenge
Deals with the Mustang-Hughes-Envy storyline, and makes great use of both the manga panels and scenes from the anime. Very dynamic in spite of the comparedly static nature of the manga images.
And here is a preview vid for an anime-version: Soon (link goes to youtube, so, you know... get it while it's hot)
The first half is scenes from the above linked vid, the second half is new material. And it looks *good*.

I like these so much, I want to make a youtube account just so I can send feedback (another thing youtube makes unnecessarily complicated.)

switching fandoms: Stargate Atlantis - 5 years of ... by LaPrincesseNini *
This vid encapsulates what drew me into the show. Because it's not about shiny space explosions, it's about people. People who are thrown together by fate, who become teammates and often friends, who struggle along and try to do some good, who are heroic and who screw up - sometimes they screw up real bad, oh boy - and sometimes they beat the bad guys... but no matter what, they're in it together.

This vid is a fitting tribute to the show I love.
(*her amazing Ronon vid 'Sober' is no longer available in my country. Grr argh wtf.)

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\o/ Thank you for both the "5 Years of..." and the downloading link!! The vid was awesome and now I have it! :D

"now I have it!" shall henceforth be my approach to YouTube. Download it before it's gone.

Good vid, eh? Made me smile.

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