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Oh, this is *beautiful*. :)

Well, they're two beautiful people. :)

Awwww...I really like her hand around him, missed it before. So protective! And the coloring is gorgeous.

(ummm, is it wrong to be awwwing at h/c? I never know!)

Awwww is just the reaction I was going for. Heh. :)

This is lovely. You're making me want to get into FMA...

You want links? I got links! Just holler. Both the anime and the manga are online, with very good fanmade translations.

I'm telling you, the plot of this thing is epic, and densely woven. And the story is almost complete now... only one more chapter to go.

Ooh! Would you recommend the anime or the manga?

I would definitely recommend both. They tell the same story, but of course the medium makes it different. The manga is a bit more complex, has a number of scenes that aren't in the anime. But the anime has this lovely animation that brings the story to life. I also like the music.

I'd watch the anime first, then read the manga, not the other way round, because of the additional scenes. (There are two animes btw, I'm talking about the second one, FMA:Brotherhood. The first one goes total AU and doesn't sound as good by far.)

The anime is here, the manga here. (sometimes the links to the anime eps become defunct, but if you go to animephase.com and search there, you should find active ones.)

eta: the anime takes a couple eps to get going, btw. Episode four was the first one that really caught my attention (I mostly started watching to practice the language) but anyway, by episode 10 I was hooked.

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This is lovely! So glad you chose to still post it here.

*off to send friends here*

Thank you kindly.

*off to send friends here

Much appreciated. :) I have only a handful of FMA fans on my friends list, so most of the folks who're reading my LJ are likely going, "who are these people?" *g*

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This is the perfect coda to having read chapter 107 this evening (or at least one of them). I rather love that they can stand so firmly together and collapse almost comfortably together too. Their poses are perfect.

This is the perfect coda to having read chapter 107 this evening

That really makes me smile.

I drew the sketch before chapter 107 came out and heh, I didn't get jossed! (Okay, so far, anyway. Not I'm gonna be nervous about chapter 108 instead. ;)

I loved how the two fought together, completely in sync like it's the natural thing to do.

Well I sort of melted just now, so I hope I haven't damaged the furniture or anything... this is truly gorgeous in colour. Gosh, I just want to smoosh them together so badly. These guys had better be off for some post-manga sexytiems after next month (I know I will be writing it!).

(I know I will be writing it!)

I know I'll be reading it. :)

When the dust clears, they better be alright... *gnaws nails*

ooo you colored it.it's gorgeous

Oh, that's just adorable.

What medium did you colour in, out of interest? Watercolour or badass Photoshop brushes?

It's watercolor, with a smidgen of acrylic and crayon for details. I'd have no idea how to get that same effect in Photoshop... I've tried a few times but the results weren't encouraging.

All is explained! It is actually possible to get an organic, watercolour-style effect in Photoshop if you're using appropriate brushes and a pressure-sensitive drawing tablet. I got a tablet in January and have been experimenting for a few months now, but I'm always nosing around for more tips. XD

Yeah, I've seen people use computer coloring with very cool results. I just don't seem to have the patience to really get into it... usually I try for half an hour, then give up, print out the lineart and color it the old-fashioned way.
What I like to do sometimes is to take a watercolor base and tinker with it in Photoshop. I want to figure out a way to combine the two media.

I even have a decent Wacom tablet but since I got a new computer last October, I haven't got around to installing it. (I really should do that ASAP, it's a pain in the ass to use Photoshop with just the mouse.)


That is so beautiful.

I love the colored version even more.

Thanks. It's shareable and the icon maker's name is listed in my icon stash (I can't pronounce/type it to save my neck).

You finished it! It looks fantastic! I love how muted the color looks, it really drives home the feel of the image!

This is absolutely gorgeous. I love it ♥

Thank you kindly, I'm glad you like it.

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