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FMA fic rec: Take Aim, by rawles / SGA commentfic fest
Guys, if you haven't already... run, don't walk to read peri_peteia's story of Riza growing up. ♥ I'm just... it's just, so good. Such a satisfying exploration of both her relationship with her father and how it shaped her, and her relationship with Roy. An incredible, subtle character study. I couldn't put it down.
Take Aim
Roy/Riza (Riza POV); Rating: sex (reccer guesses R); some backstory spoilers; 6445 words
Summary: Riza Hawkeye, before.

[personal profile] friendshipper is hosting a commentfic fest. I already got a cute Sam&Rodney ficlet out of it, and I'm hoping someone will write me that Rodney&Hermiod bickerfest I've been itching to read for ages. gen prompts are on LJ, 'anything goes' prompts on DW (So far the fic on DW are also on the gen side, so even if you're more into gen, it's worth checking out that post as well.)

one I particularly liked: prompt fic by friendshipper, for the prompt team = family, a day off, perhaps with a (more or less successful) pic-nic and Torren playing with his uncles

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