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fic&vid recs, and a quicky fma fanart
sga_genficathon has started posting! And kicked off with an excellent Keller fic: Practicing Medicine by kristen999
gen; PG; Set Early S5; 6,000 words
Summary: Jennifer learns that accepting and upholding an oath, requires living it.
I like this story both for its thoughtful portrayal of Jennifer Keller and for the slice-of-life look at the work of Atlantis' medical department.

fma fic rec:
Tradition by raja815
gen; PG-13; humor; 1000 words
Team Mustang celebrate the Winter solstice the traditional way...
'Prominent among decorations include the traditional Solstice Candle, an ornately painted beeswax candle that is lit as the sun sets, and only extinguished when the next morning grows bright enough to see.'

The entire room filled with noxious purple smoke. Mustang, standing closest after lighting it, extinguished the flame with a douse from his glass of wine.
“That,” he gasped when he had breath enough, “was not a solstice candle.”
“I think it might’ve been a signal flare,” Fuery said, timidly.
“Oh, honestly…”
“Man, why are you guys dumping all over my solstice party?” Havoc grumbled. “I’m doing the best I can here…”

fma amv rec:
Nightlights - Royai
I like the mood of this vid.

I'm working on four different projects right now and I want to finish them all before I leave for Comic Con so when I realized last week that I had only eight weeks, I started flailing a bit. But I got a lot done this week, so I'm less with the flailing now. Just, I have a whole folder of stuff I want to link. Where to start... (and, argh, when to do my taxes which are due at the end of the month? *flails*)
Uh, also, I made FMA fanart (it just happened as I was sketching unicorns. I don't even know.) It's a little scene that stuck in my head when reading genarti's Firefight.

I may have gone a little overboard with the FX *scratches head*. I gotta pay more attention next time Roy does that thing of his.

my roomie found this site with driftwood horse sculptures.
via kristen999: Strange Buildings and Alien Landscapes

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Oh man, that's absolutely gorgeous! So minimalist and dynamic. (I just DL'd and watched episodes 53 and 54 of the anime this morning -- I haven't been watching all of the anime, but some scenes I just have to see animated!)

You haven't watched all of the anime? I kind of envy you - unwatched eps! I'm on my third watch now; roomie number two is catching up *g*. The manga is great, but I really love to see everything animated, and listen to the voices. (Awesome Japanese practice, too... sure beats watching Nihongo Dekimasu eps on youtube.)

Oh man, that's absolutely gorgeous! So minimalist and dynamic.

Thank you. I think drawing fanart for a manga source for a change can actually come in handy, there's stuff I can incorporate in my style. I mean, I would never recommend anyone to learn to draw only by drawing manga, but when it comes to exploring ways to express dynamics and reduce things to the essential lines (and work in black and white!) there's a lot to be learned. And I always try to learn from the best. :) Arakawa's art is, wow. I've looked into other mangas since then, but so far I haven't found any where the art speaks to me. I'm thinking of checking out her previous work when fma wraps up.

Want me to recommend some manga based on the art? I generally read comics for both the story and the art -- that is, either one of them can be a dealbreaker for me -- and I tend to prefer manga that's less frenetic and stylized than a lot of the popular stuff tends to be. (Not that I can't enjoy the cartoonier series -- I'm reading One Piece right now -- but like with some of the more superhero-ish American superhero comics, the art is something I have to get past in order to enjoy the story.) Anyway, I can recommend you some of the series whose art I've really liked.

Oh, that's lovely! I love the silhouette against the colors. I really love the watercolor effect of the flames.

(And oh my god, such a compliment to have inspired art! I am beaming at the screen.)

Oh, I'm happy you like it! :D

This is wonderful!!! <333

Thanks :)
I'm really in the mood for some more fma fanart... alas, no time yet.

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