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Hedgehog!!!! Hedgehogs are so freaking adorable, I wish we had 'em in the Americas. (You can just pick up wild ones like that? or is that because it's still young? either way, awwww!)

--and if he's not a "Spike" you could always name him William the Bloody ^^

They are really cute, it's impossible not to like a hedgehog.

You're normally not supposed to pick them up, the exception being when winter draws close and the young ones haven't gained enough weight. There are phone hotlines where you can call and find out if a hedgehog is too light. And there are shelters, too; it's quite a bit of effort if you want to do it at home. We do it ourselves because all my housemates are biologists which comes in very handy at times like these. :) But there's a lot of stuff to keep in mind to make sure they get through hibernation right. I hope this one makes it too... he really doesn't seem as feisty as the other ones.

Hee, I love the idea of a hedgehog-hotline - hedgehogs are lucky little critters, that they're so adorable everyone wants to help them! (they eat bugs, too, don't they, so that must make them extra likable...)

I hope your wee houseguest makes it!

Oh yeah. They eat snails too, though they're not good for them. They mostly eat them out of desperation because the bug populations have suffered so much due to pollution, and to people keeping their gardens freakishly tidy. The snails here carry some kind of lungworm so you'll sometimes hear hedgehogs cough. That's why we usually put some catfood out for wild hedgehogs this time of year; better than snails.

I wish we had 'em in the Americas.

Heh. Incidentally the German word for Hedgehog is Igel and is pronounced exactly like the English eagle. I was on a trip with a German group once, somewhere in Canada, and when our Canadian guide shouted "Look, there's an eagle!" everyone in our group (myself included) looked at the ground and said, "Where?! Where?!"

Jumping in to say, HAH!! The guide must have been very confused. :D

Ooo, castles and

OOOoOoOOoOOOO! Hedgie! So cute! *grabby hands*

What a cutie!! I love how it's sprawled on the scale and the food bowl. I hope the little guy makes it.

I also love that bridge. It's the sort of "DO NOT CROSS" that my sisters and I would have been daring each other over when we were small and not that well acquainted with common sense. ;D

I wonder what it's like to have an apartment in a castle? There's the plus of the cool address, but I wonder what the comfort level is like?

Oh my god, I love this post! I love it because it has hedgehogs! Cutest animal EVER!

Also, awesome pictures and equally awesome link (the NZ trip cracked me up!)

Thank you for making me smile!

HEDGEHOG! i love them. How cute he is.

also the castle pics are beautiful

OH MY GOOOOD HEDGEHOG!! I've been dreaming of having a hedgehog live in my garden since I was small. Want!!

Also, equally want to visit the castle. Looks *awesome*

wow, it happened to you too. Well, this is scientific proof -- hedgehogs need blogs. Or vice versa.

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