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Oh, that looks *awesome*. I like how you went ahead and let the mountains fade out at the bottom; that was one of the things I really liked about the original (unfinished) art.

Ah, thank you. Yeah, I wanted to keep that effect where the mountains blend with the background, with a minimal number of glazes. I mainly wanted more detail for the mountains in the front.

I need to go to the graphics store and buy more shades of these inks, they're really interesting to work with. They behave differently from both watercolors and Ecoline inks, which I normally use.

Lovely! I just love that rope bridge, the pagoda on the mountainside and the path leading to it.
Also *hugs panda*

It's a very huggable panda.
I'm glad you like the pic. :)

It's very beautiful. I love it!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you. I'm finally happy with the coloring of the costumes, too. I must've tried every possible combination in Photoshop (that program is so handy for the indecisive).

i still really love this one


Hm, I finished my work for this month, maybe I'll make some more fanart...

Still love it, especially with the new details. Those mountains are just gorgeous, atmospheric without being cluttered. I love my drawing tablet, but you're making me miss watercolour.

I just can't get used to coloring with a graphic tablet. I would like to be able to use it for quick color sketches and the like so I keep trying but I abort each try quickly because the result looks just... blah. I feel much more comfortable with watercolor - or in this case ink - even though that's got a mind of its own. (For the background of this version I had to do the first wash six times before I got a one that worked... in cases like that I so wish for an undo button.)

Edited at 2010-11-26 11:22 pm (UTC)

It took me a few goes to get used to drawing with a tablet, but I love it. I think it's one of those media that some people love, and others just can't get into. I love it for inking because I've always done such messy pencils. It's awesome to be able to seamlessly erase and tweak my art. That said, I do get concerned from time to time that this is a bit of a poisoned chalice and my lines will start to lose fluidity. I've started practicing doing quick, no-erase button sketches to try and counter this.

Aww this is beautiful! I love how gentle and warm the colours are, and the little details are really gorgeous.

Mei and Al look lovely, I'm in love with Al's outfit. Amazing work!

I'm glad you like it, thank you.

This is really lovely. I'm not sure if I like the one you originally put up or this one more!

Heh. There're actually one or two spots in the background of the first version that I prefer and I'm almost (but not quite) tempted to cut'n'paste them into the new one. But I'm not that much of a perfectionist, I tell myself. ;)

This is perfectly lovely! Thank you for sharing it! :)

I'm glad you like it. :)

Gorgeous work, I love the composition.

Oh, this is beautiful! I love what you did with the colors of Mei's outfit in this version, and the backdrop is really lovely. I can't decide which version of the mountains I like better, but that's because I love them both.

Glad you like! Oh man, I shifted the colors of their clothing around a lot. But now I'm finally happy with them (I just went in and changed Al's tunic, one last time...).

Wow, that is quite lovely! A classical Chinese landscape with action in the foreground. Your portrayals of Al and Mei (and Xiao Mei) are very good! I love the action. Quite a nice pic, thanks for sharing! Well done! :D

Thanks, glad you like it. I googled images ouf the Yellow Mountains and found a ton of inspiration for this pic.

I love it! It's so beautiful... the scenery is just lovely! You drew them both so well, and the detail in this is amazing! Love love love!!! <333

I'm really glad you like it, and thanks for your patience!

Wow. The stone behind Mei CHang is amazing.

Why do those three have their arms crossed?

Well, Mei has her arms crossed because she's the teacher and she's observing how her studen't doing. Now, Xiao Mei the panda has her arms crossed because she always imitates Mei Chang's body language. And Xiao Mei is modelling for Al's alchemy practice, so that's why the clay panda mirrors it too.

That's lovely <3 I really love your BG and how the scenery was painted!

Wow I really love it! So many details! Everything is perfect: coloring ,background ,anatomy... <3

Thank you, glad you like.

Niiiice. I like the way you drew the background and the theme of the picture; it's quite creative. :) And your style of drawing the characters fit too. XD For the white patches below the mountains, you can actually try adding some effects to make it look like fog. Since they're so high up in the mountains, it's not surprising that there's fog around the place. :)

Thanks, glad you like it.

For the white patches below the mountains, you can actually try adding some effects to make it look like fog.

Yeah, you're right, I might go in there and tinker with the fog, probably at least tone down the white just a tad so it matches the rest of the coloring better, and maybe add a bit of nuance.

Wow, it's really lovely! XD

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