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recs. lots of 'em
Lucky Man by penknife ST:AOS (with references to TOS canon)
gen; PG; Characters: Kirk (+ McCoy, Uhura, Pike, and Spock); ~3800 words
Summary: The reporters are looking for a story about Tarsus IV, but Jim doesn't have one he wants to tell.
AOS characters and TOS backstory, seamlessly interwoven. I love how all the characters involved are drawn, and the restrained way in which she portrays Kirk's trauma.

Here's a neat youtube film by two German magicians/jugglers. No German language skills necessary, there's no dialogue. Just lots of flying objects. I wonder how often they had to retake each scene. A Normal Day

And here's the plot of the original Star Wars trilogy retold in paper animation: Jeremy Messersmith - Tatooine

Military Dogs (FMA)
gen; characters: military
I've never watched the first anime, nor do I plan to. This vid uses 1st anime footage and canon but I find it compelling nonetheless. The song works well with the clips, and the timing is excellent... it manages to convey a downright ominous feeling.

here's a comm I'd been meaning to pimp for a while: kidpix
This is sortakinda like the Scans Daily of kid's books. People post scans of children's books of every imaginable style from all over the world. The comm is fairly high traffic but not so much that it floods my reading list. It's in Russian but the posts are all about the pics anyway.

An entry to water your appetite: Недетские сказки Японии

or this one: Bill Thomson. Chalk
Normally I'm not all that crazy about photorealism, but I like how the artist plays with it here.

and this is from a series I'm collecting myself :) Jill Barklem, Autumn Story

(there were more posts I wanted to share but I didn't bookmark them. Never gonna find them again.)

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