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thank you again for the recs. i'll need to come back and look at the ones of these i've not seen

Welcome. I wanted them all in one place so I can link from the main comm, since I have only a handful of fma fans on my friends list.

Oh, recs for some stuff I haven't read!

And aww, thanks for including me. XD

I reread some as I was putting this post together. Good stuff. :)

Thanks for the recs. There's a lot of fic here I haven't read! I love bookelfe's fanfiction so much!

Yeah, same here. I'm in the middle of rereading some of them.

And now that I have time again I can finally start to dig into the fresh heap of fic that I printed out over the last few months...

Thanks so much for the recs! I love pretty much all those fics apart from a couple of the smaller bookelfe ones which I haven't seen yet and am scampering off to read. It's lovely to be recced in such great company!

By the way, I am a big canon nerd so Notorious is 100% canon compliant. The part about Chris's biological relationship to Roy and his age when his parents die is actually from her character profile in Guidebook #3 - so not the manga itself, but still straight from Arakawa's mouth! The main bits I made up were the way his parents died, and Chris' own personal backstory (her estrangement from her family and her career). Iris is an OC - the two named Christmas girls we meet in the manga are Vanessa (effusive and a bit dippy) and Madeline (smart and a little snarky). I am going to be a big boasty self-pimp and rec this drabble of mine to you based on things you've liked up there: Everyone's a Critic. Grown-up Roy and family holidays and Chris being bossy and Riza laughing at him.

Oh right, I've been meaning edit that part. I just copypasted the recs... of course in the meantime I've read the entire manga twice and that page from the guidebook, too.

I am going to be a big boasty self-pimp and rec this drabble of mine to you based on things you've liked up there: Everyone's a Critic.

Pimp away. :) That's one I haven't read yet, I think.


I must read like, ALL OF THESE. with college finals this week, I'm gonna need lots of fic to reward myself with afterwards~

thank you so much for putting this together :3

Oooh, fun list! Thanks for including one of mine, and I am excited to check out the ones I haven't read yet. :D

I never would have found some of these without your list, so thanks for sharing them with us!

You're very welcome. Thanks for letting me know; make a reccer happy. :)

Thank you for putting up these together! Since I'm desperately searching for pre-manga Roy or Riza fics this helped me a lot.(I can't believe I haven't read Take Aim yet *runs to read*

Glad to hear you find them useful! (Btw, I have a couple more recent recs under the tag fic_recs:fma that I haven't gotten around to adding yet.)

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