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I've seen a few episodes of Leverage and I really enjoyed. It was fun and well-written. I should watch more one day.

Um ... I'm sorry to be a pain, but I'm extremely curious as to whether you've finished Princess Tutu and if you liked it. Did you think it was good?

Oh yes, I thought the ending was very good! All around satisfying resolutions for the various characters and plot threads, I thought. Well, my heart hang mostly on Ahiru and Fakir... and that scene where Ahiru keeps dancing as a duck, after she gives up the amulet, is amazing and one of my favorite parts of the entire show. Tiny duck, so much strength. (And I love the last frame, the two of them at the lake. Not your classical happy ending but happy nonetheless.)

OMG, I was thinking JUST YESTERDAY that I would love to see some good gen Saint fanfic. Awesome!

Excellent, glad the rec was useful.

There are a few more Saint fics at AO3 but I haven't got around to checking them out, just scanned a few lines. One seems particularly interesting, written in a style that does remind me of Charteris.

A saint novel is the first thing I read in English (outside of school, I mean)... I still think back fondly at the experience. It was like, whoa, I can take this language and use it for something FUN.

Yeah, that's what sets the early novels apart from the later ghost-written ones. They're just so much fun. They remind me a little of Wodehouse, in a weird way.

Congratulation on the book.

I am still a serial monogamist BtVS/Ats, but It's an open relation so it's ok if I stray sometimes ;).
Have recently bought Ats on dvd. The show still works for me, and the quality is rather better than some of the file, that I downloaded (Cordelia in gold bikini looks even better, than I remembered...)

Marcus Rowland writes some excellent crossover, where he gives the different universes a fair treatment.

Yeah, I was just thinking about how well BtVS/AtS hold up nowadays. I've rewatched a bunch of episodes with friends and we all agree they're every bit as good as when they first aired. Good acting. And the dialogue, still snappy.

I have both shows on DVD, too. I bought those as soon as they became available... my downloads were these 70MB things that you had to dl in 5 parts and paste together. Good times...

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