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more crossover fic recs
Heeey! I finished book #2. I still have to scan everything and format it, and I'll probably be getting a couple corrections for this one, but still... mostly done, with about a week to spare. \o/ And once it's turned in I'll have a whole month to work on my own projects - I have an idea for a kids' book that I think has a lot of potential, fingers crossed. And there's the comic thing. (And I gotta do my bookkeeping.) (And my taxes.) Hopefully some fanart. And post recs.

Uh, also, thanks to all the folks on my flist who brought Leverage to my attention. I had a feeling I'd love the show when I watched The Rashomon Job. That ep got me so curious that I started watching from the beginning and yup, totally love it. The characters are fantastic, and I always had a thing for heist stories. I'm only about six or seven eps in but I might be looking for fic recs later on. :)

It's funny, I used to be the typical fandom serial monogamist, but all of a sudden I'm multifannish? That's new; I kinda like it. Think I'll celebrate a job (hopefully) well done with an ep of Leverage, followed by a Chuck fic and a few pages from my new FMA doujinshi.

In this vein, a couple of multi-fandom recs:
Wait in the Van by Aelfgyfu (Chuck/White Collar)
gen; humor; 6,000 words
Summary: Peter kept telling Neal to wait in the van. Was it Neal's fault he didn't specify which one?
I don't actually know White Collar, but the story worked really well for me. If you're a Chuck fan, all you gotta know is that Neal is played by the same actor who plays Bryce Larkin and you're good to go.

Hyperion by Marcus Rowland (The Saint (novels)/BtVS)
Summary: The 1940s Saint pays a visit to Los Angeles and the Hyperion Hotel.
I'm reccing this fic and its two sequels, all Buffy crossovers. Marcus does a great job linking the two canons... not a small feat, since they're set in different periods in time.

Bigger on the Inside by sentientcitizen (Doctor Who/SG1/SGA)
gen; PG; ~700 words
Summary: Everyone says the same thing when they see the TARDIS for the first time. Well. Ish.
Various SG characters see the TARDIS for the fist time. Hilarious!

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I've seen a few episodes of Leverage and I really enjoyed. It was fun and well-written. I should watch more one day.

Um ... I'm sorry to be a pain, but I'm extremely curious as to whether you've finished Princess Tutu and if you liked it. Did you think it was good?

Oh yes, I thought the ending was very good! All around satisfying resolutions for the various characters and plot threads, I thought. Well, my heart hang mostly on Ahiru and Fakir... and that scene where Ahiru keeps dancing as a duck, after she gives up the amulet, is amazing and one of my favorite parts of the entire show. Tiny duck, so much strength. (And I love the last frame, the two of them at the lake. Not your classical happy ending but happy nonetheless.)

OMG, I was thinking JUST YESTERDAY that I would love to see some good gen Saint fanfic. Awesome!

Excellent, glad the rec was useful.

There are a few more Saint fics at AO3 but I haven't got around to checking them out, just scanned a few lines. One seems particularly interesting, written in a style that does remind me of Charteris.

A saint novel is the first thing I read in English (outside of school, I mean)... I still think back fondly at the experience. It was like, whoa, I can take this language and use it for something FUN.

Yeah, that's what sets the early novels apart from the later ghost-written ones. They're just so much fun. They remind me a little of Wodehouse, in a weird way.

Congratulation on the book.

I am still a serial monogamist BtVS/Ats, but It's an open relation so it's ok if I stray sometimes ;).
Have recently bought Ats on dvd. The show still works for me, and the quality is rather better than some of the file, that I downloaded (Cordelia in gold bikini looks even better, than I remembered...)

Marcus Rowland writes some excellent crossover, where he gives the different universes a fair treatment.

Yeah, I was just thinking about how well BtVS/AtS hold up nowadays. I've rewatched a bunch of episodes with friends and we all agree they're every bit as good as when they first aired. Good acting. And the dialogue, still snappy.

I have both shows on DVD, too. I bought those as soon as they became available... my downloads were these 70MB things that you had to dl in 5 parts and paste together. Good times...

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