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Heee~ to the owl Doctors!

That One Piece vid was pretty awesome, I'm fascinated by vids using manga images instead of anime. Especially for a series with such dynamic art, it works pretty well!

(Since it is One Piece, I am obliged to mention that if you have the time/inclination to either read the manga or watch the anime, it is well worth it. It's my favorite manga, and I honestly believe one of the most fantastic adventure stories ever told, in any medium; Oda Eiichirou, the mangaka, has an unparalleled gift for storytelling. Which is also why it's made me cry more times than any other series/book/TV show ever.)

(Second note that if you do read it, I'd avoid rewatching that vid, as it's mostly about events that occur hundreds of chapters in and thus somewhat spoilery once you know the chars...)

I keep hearing good things about One Piece, I guess I really have to check it out and see for myself. But, the whole 'hundreds of chapters' part is really a bit daunting. ;) I'll probably go with the anime for sheer practicality... I need to practice my Japanese listening skills a lot, anyway.

I'll probably check out 12 Kingdoms first; the art looks appealing and it's a lot shorter, I think?

The OP anime is awesome - well, the first hundred or two eps at least; their budget has fallen off recently, from what I've seen. But the beginning is definitely worth it - I got into the series from the anime. It starts off a little - okay a lot - ridiculous, but give it time and it will completely capture your heart and soul.

But the length is daunting, yes ^^ 12K is much shorter - it's about 2 seasons, 45 eps I think? Something like that. And it's a gorgeous series in every sense.

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