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fanart: Leverage character sketches
I made fanart. \o/ A few Leverage character studies to warm up. I only got Sophie and Nate for now... I might tackle the rest of the gang later. [edited to add more sketches]


Man, I'm glad my dry spell is over. (Apparently. *knock on wood*) Would've been nice if that'd happened at the beginning of my vacation instead of the end but, eh. I'm just happy I'm excited about drawing again.

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very nice. i really like the ones of Nate. You've really captured him (well your probably captured her well too but I don't know the actress well)


Your icon rocks, by the way...

thank you. it's shareable and it's pretty old at this point. I blew the dust off it when i realize i had no solo Riza icons in my rotation

Oh, cool. If it's shareable I'll snag it. I need Riza icons, too.

the info's onmy page (which i can't open in the lab, damn you poor wi fi)

Very nice! Great shadowing.

Thanks. With these character sketches I'm always trying to reduce it to black and white with as few grayshades as possible, without losing the likeness. Darn tricky. But it's so relaxing.

Wow. This is amazing!

These are amazing! This makes me really want to get my hands on a Leverage graphic novel. :D

Great likeness, expression and personality.


This makes me really want to get my hands on a Leverage graphic novel. :D

Heh. I'm toying with the idea of drawing one (a really short one)... if I can get the right idea or find a writer to collaborate with. I'd love to draw these characters in a comic!

Ooooh! I hope you find a worthy collaborator then. The format of the show is perfect for a graphic novel. It... pretty much is a live action graphic novel. LOL!

Oh, the planes! Oh, the likenesses!

Eliot's flowing hair! Hee! I really like the way you draw Parker with her face downcast, and sometimes with a sneaky smile and sometimes looking worried. But everybody else looks great, too.

Heh, The Hair. I gotta find a few scenes where he wears it in a pony tail.

I made a whole bunch of Parker to get a handle on her. I threw out quite a few before I got her right.

I love the sneaky smile when she cracks a safe (or whatever illegal activity makes Parker happy)... so in contrast with her usual deadpan expression.

These are lovely! You've done a really incredible job capturing everyone's expressions, especially Parker and Hardison.

Thanks. The characters cooperated really well, it was fun. :)

Wow - these are pretty impressive (your Nate, in particular, is really true to life).

Wow - these are very good!

Thank you. They're fun to draw!

These look great - you've really got their likenesses down! :)

They seem to be quite a bit easier than team Shep, for some reason. Well, team Shep has McKay, come to think of it... the other three haven't been as tricky to get right.

I'm just glad I didn't forget how to do it. ;) I'd feared I'd become rusty over the last couple weeks, but I guess it's like riding a bike.

But gimme MOARRRR Eliot.*blinks*

See ya

Heh. Well, I have to get some work done before I can draw more fanart... I want to do something team-y eventually. But in the meantime, I can offer one more Eliot from my scraps pile...?

And do I see Ronon Dex in your icon? I got a Ronon in color! *g*

The Ronon is..just cool!

'Ronon' and 'cool' are, like, synonyms. ;)

Yeah..and weirdly Ronon and HOT are as well!

Thanks again.

These are lovely! The one of Nate in the preview pic is amazing.

Thanks. :) I'm really happy with that one, too.

wow these are so pretty! face-down-sophie is beautiful :)

Thanks! I can't get enough of drawing these characters. :)

These are amazing! I kind of like the sketchier ones, but I have a weakness for graphite and charcoal.

Thank you. :)I hope I'll get around to drawing some more. I'm really in the mood for Leverage fanart.

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