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I enjoyed the ep too. It went a completely different direction than I was expecting, and I never saw that ending coming. (On a purely shallow note, as a whumper, I appreciated the Eliot beatdown. He always looks so good doing it. :D)

So sad that it's already finale time. I avoid spoilers except for the next week's preview. Looking forward to Sunday!

I didn't see it coming either. I was so glad I was unspoiled, that would've diminished the emotional impact.

Tim Hutton totally rocked it in the scenes with Tom Skerrit. The unflappable Nate Ford, more and more thrown off his game and searching for words...

Eliot in Die Hard mode was awesome, too. *g*

And I loved Sophie doing her pregnant lady stick with the cops. Ah, so much good stuff, I look forward to rewatching it.

I avoid spoilers except for the next week's preview.

Me too. I went on youtube soon as the ep finished so I could watch the preview but I won't read anything else.

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I've been *loving* this season! Parker and Hardison, OMG adorable. Eliot being all kick ass. Sophie and Nate. . . seriously, what's not to squee over?? :)

The season finale. . . .why does it have to come?!

The season went by like a blur, didn't it! Luckily I can think of a lot of eps I want to rewatch yet again during hiatus.

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