Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!! That was superb!! You are an absolute genius. Thank you so much for all that hard work. I think you've made a lot of people happy :o)

Thanks! So cool that people are still finding this comic.

I somehow just found this. You did an amazing job! Poor Angel, having to hunt for his nose in the sewers! Heeee! Your artwork is lovely.

Exceptional! I just was sent here by a ficsearch I've made, and I gotta say you, you've got talent drawing, Spike's fantastic! (And puppet!Angel is soooooo adorable)

Really good!


(And puppet!Angel is soooooo adorable)

But don't tell him that.

That was freaking brilliant!!! :D hehe.

Very nice. Lovely. :)


Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Brilliant characterisations in both art and word. Well done.

Thanks, glad you like! I'm happy when a new reader stumbles across this comic.

Great! I'm adding to memmories to read it later.

I hope you'll like it!

This is beautiful! I admire all the hard work and skills that have gone into it.

Thanks, glad you like it.

Oh, wow. That is just brilliant! The art is stunningly gorgeous, I love the page compositions, the coloring, everything -- and it was perfectly in character and hilarious as well. Amazing work.

Thanks. I'm still really pleased how this comic turned out. (I was chuckling along as I was drawing it...)

Incredible! I only wish I'd found it sooner. I love your artwork - nice work on the backgrounds as well as the characters. As for characterizations, you do a great job of capturing the banter between Spike and Angel. I also love the way Angel keeps making cheesy puns, as he was so apt to do!

May I rec this on my lj?

The Spike/Angel banter practically wrote itself - I just had to put those two together in a scene and off they went.

May I rec this on my lj?

Oh, sure... rec is always appreciated. :)

This is incredible. Perfect characterisation and...puppet Angel, for crying out loud! It doesn't get any better! Seriously, though, I so envy your artistic ability. Even my stick men look ill.


Thanks! I'm happy that you like the comic.

puppet Angel, for crying out loud! It doesn't get any better!

Yeah. This comic was done for the ats_endofdays challenge, where every participant had to create something for one particular episode, and I was thrilled when I got assigned 'Smile Time'. That was, like, the jackpot. :)


Oh god, Puppet Angel how I missed you!

And it's not only wonderfully drawn but so funny, too!

This is a great comic well written and well drawn.

This is a great comic well written and well drawn.Why not have a Angel comic featuring Dana the mentally ill scythe activated slayer from ''Damage''.

Why not have Angel comics featuring scythe activated slayers.

Why not have Angel comics featuring scythe activated slayers.LA has lots of vampires for them to dust and lots of demons and what not for them to deal with.

Re: Why not have Angel comics featuring scythe activated slayers.

Look, I appreciate your interest in my comics but I'm really only peripherally involved in Buffy fandom at this point and even when it was my main fandom my interest lay mainly with Angel, Connor, Kate. I have no plans for future comics featuring slayers, sorry.

I must point you to the official lines of Buffy and Angel comics that are currently being released by IDW and Dark Horse. I haven't read any of them yet but since they take place post-Chosen/NFA, there should be a good chance that they feature activated potential slayers. And of course Buffy.

Your Angel comics are great reading.

Your Angel comics are great reading.I've noticed that when the vampires in your Angel comics go to dust their bones can be seen I think it's neat.

Hey there! I know you probably post this decades ago but I would like to just comment on how well you draw this comic. It was wonderful ,and for that I would like to applaud you.

Thank you kindly. Yeah, it's been ages since I posted this, but getting feedback for this baby still makes me ridiculously happy. :)

That is so so perfect!! I really have no words... *bows* *applauds*

Thank you! So happy to see that people are still enjoying this comic.

I can't stop staring at your icon. Ah, good times... :)

Oh my hell! That is just brilliant, bloody brilliant! I laughed so hard it threw me into a coughing fit and, um, well..... I think this thing on my laptop is my spleen.


I think this thing on my laptop is my spleen.

Thanks so much, I'm thrilled to hear that it made you laugh.

LOL! How cute! I loved it!

Oh, this is awesome! So very pretty!

Thanks for commenting!

OMG!!! This is just like the best thing EVER!!
I am so full of squee I can't contain myself! :o)

Your artwork is fabulous. But however good your artwork is, it wouldn't be this amazing success without your humour. You made me laugh out loud.
Angel wringing out his wet arm? - priceless!
I fell like a sponge - lol. Spike and Angel on the bike and the banter, terrific.
I love how Spike stands by in the slaying to let Puppet!Angel let of some steam.
What would happen if Angel changed back without his nose? LOL. I never thought of that... could be quite a dark fanfic, Puppet!Angel loses some body part, maybe some extremety ;o) and then he changes back - oh noes!!!

Have to say again, your art is amazing.

Btw, found this on a link from an IDW forum where the new Spike comic out tomorrow is being discussed, but the post with the link is from a few months ago.
Apparently you have done a Fray one, so have to toodle off to read that now.

Doh! - I should have used this icon! ;o)

This is totally wonderful - found my way here from trying to use the Better Buffy Fiction site -

You have Puppet Angel and Spike down perfect - love the artwork.

Thank you, really glad you like!

A character like Puppet Angel is just gold for an artist! Fun to draw, and a lot quicker and easier than a human (or in this case, vampire).

Awesome! Sorry I missed it when it came out, but thanks to the BUFFYVERSETOP5 I finally had the chance to see it, and I'm so, so impressed. Brava!

Edited at 2015-11-13 10:07 am (UTC)

Oh, yay. I didn't know it's been linked. I'm glad you like it!!

eta: oh, lots of stuff recced I haven't seen yet!

Edited at 2015-11-13 03:21 pm (UTC)


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