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It's finished! The comic! Really!
Title: Smile Time: The Comic (or, The Further Adventures of Puppet!Angel)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Smile Time
Summary: "Angel wants to blow off steam. Things don't go quite as expected." Spike&Angel gen, because there can never be enough of that.
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Disclaimer: The artwork is mine, characters and universe aren't, no money is being made off this. Thanks to mousehounde for betaing, and to doyle_sb4 for looking over the script and for coming up with this awesome challenge in the first place. Much thanks to Sabine A. for a most productive brainstorming session.






Comments make me happy :)

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posted comments over at the ats_endofdayscommunity. Love this, as you know.

Do you have any plans for an Angel sequel?

plans for a sequel... (eek) not really. Not right now, anyway. But I do know I want to do something else now this is finished. Summer's out though, way too much to do. Then, mm... many possibilies.

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