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Yeah, season five is great. It's somewhat more uneven than previous seasons imo, but some of my absolute favourite episodes come from that season.

So you haven't seen season four yet either? Because, season four is fantastic as well. Just as good, maybe even better than season five... though those two are very different and it's a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Season four is darker and twisted, and I love how the story arc spans the whole season in a way that makes it more of a 24-hour-movie than an episodic tv show. (the marketing people at the WB must've hated it.)

Yeah, I didn't like the way the story arc started taking over the show. I thought it got too involved and forgot that the monster of the week episodes were actually what made that show so great in the beginning. I mean, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love story arcs, I just don't think that a show should become all about the arc and that's what I felt was happening with Angel. Then Cordy slept with Connor and I had to switch off my TV!

*shrug* I'd probably like S4 if I watched it, but I just never really got pulled in. Whenever I switched on the TV and it was on, I could never really pick up what was going on in places, so I just stopped trying to watch. I did the same with Buffy, actually. I stopped watching when they had Spike start seriously mooning after Buffy. I've never really seen much past season 5. A few episodes here and there, because I love Faith and I heard she came back, but that's about it. Never even saw the finale.

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