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It's finished! The comic! Really!
Title: Smile Time: The Comic (or, The Further Adventures of Puppet!Angel)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Smile Time
Summary: "Angel wants to blow off steam. Things don't go quite as expected." Spike&Angel gen, because there can never be enough of that.
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Disclaimer: The artwork is mine, characters and universe aren't, no money is being made off this. Thanks to mousehounde for betaing, and to doyle_sb4 for looking over the script and for coming up with this awesome challenge in the first place. Much thanks to Sabine A. for a most productive brainstorming session.






Comments make me happy :)

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Re: Why not have Angel comics featuring scythe activated slayers.

Look, I appreciate your interest in my comics but I'm really only peripherally involved in Buffy fandom at this point and even when it was my main fandom my interest lay mainly with Angel, Connor, Kate. I have no plans for future comics featuring slayers, sorry.

I must point you to the official lines of Buffy and Angel comics that are currently being released by IDW and Dark Horse. I haven't read any of them yet but since they take place post-Chosen/NFA, there should be a good chance that they feature activated potential slayers. And of course Buffy.

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