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fanart: fight bingo (leverage)
Another square for my Fight Bingo... I might actually have a shot at completing a bingo for once!

For the field 'Knives'
Characters: Sophie, Nate, and... someone else
Rating: PG-13, bit of violence

Okay, so my headcanon says that Eliot's been teaching his team some basic self-defense using items that happen to be at hand. Like, a designer handbag.

Also, I wanted to indulge my girl-saves-boy/Nate whump story kinks, so Sophie gets to do the fighting in this one. :) A not unrealistic scenario either, considering Nate tends to be obnoxious towards dangerous people and doesn't know to duck when someone points a weapon in his direction.


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I love the details in this, with the water running into the shadows, and us not seeing the attacker, but his shadow. Very creepy. I also like that Sophie is wearing shoes someone could actually fight in if necessary. :D

Yeah, seeing the cobblestone I didn't want to put her in high heels because that'd put her at a disadvantage and I like to think she's gonna win that fight.

Having once walked over cobblestone (and hated it immensely because of how much it hurt my feet), I can certainly understand a disadvantage.

There's a strong sense of motion in this that I really like.

Glad you like it, that's the effect I wanted.

Very cool! I love that we see the shadow of her attacker and his knife looks like it might be dangerous but you can tell she'd going to take him down, no problem! Love it! And good job Eliot for teaching her such a great move.

but you can tell she'd going to take him down, no problem!

He's never gonna see it coming. Heh.

this is wonderful I love the realistic flow of blood

Oh, this is nice - very dramatic! I like how it moves the eye around, between the solid black shadows and Sophie's red purse.

Thanks! I spent ages on the shadows... I'd scribble the archway first, and the rough placement of Nate and Sophie. And then I drew and erased shadows for at least an hour until I found a constellation that worked. I liked the basic composition too much to simply try a different angle.

Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this. The shadows in particular, how you angled it, how you can feel what's about to happen next...I just really love this!

Oh, also, I love the framing of the archway!

So glad you like it, it was a lot of fun to work on. Yeah, I wanted the viewer to look at the drawing and sort of see what's gonna happen next, so I'm really pleased that gets across.

Oh, this is gorgeous! I'm definitely going to enjoy writing for this. <3

Yay! Much looking forward to reading your take on it!

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