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fashion history meme: Faith, slayer of the vampyres
for telaryn: Faith - mid-Victorian lady


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Uh oh, she's ready to slay. Love the hair!

Ruffles. Hee!

:O) Faith is always ready to slay.

Thanks, I'm enjoying drawing these.

Astrid, it's glorious! Excellent work!

Thanks, that was a great prompt!

Excellent! love the costume and the neatly stashed stake.

Her expression is just so Faith, and you know she's mentally cursing her Watcher for making her f*cking dress like this. :D

Me, too - corsets and martial arts don't go too well together, I don't care what steampunk tells us. :D

Love the outfit, and all of the little folds in the fabric are fabulous! I love the Victorian era and I love BtVS, so I think that mixing the two is a wonderful idea. Did you research the costume, or was it a generic style you went for?

I based it partly on this dress, but made quite a few modifications so it's overall more of a generic mid-victorian style.

Beautiful dress. Many of the clothes from that time were so feminine and I’d love to wear them. Sadly most of them wouldn’t be suitable for today’s living, so the idea of Faith wearing them is an intriguing one!

I can't imagine pulling off wearing one of these, I feel weird even in contemporary dresses. But it's all the more fun to dress up characters in period clothing.

I love that she's not nearly as proper as she seems. Go Faith!

Heh. I had fun with that prompt.

How pretty! And her expression is priceless.

As other has said, she looks uncomfortable (and pissed) Which fits my image of Faith very well.

Yep, mine too. I just had to imagine her wearing this dress and the pic drew itself.

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