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I love all of these. Just sayin'. :D

These are so good. I think I've just sat and stared at them for twenty minutes. My favourites are the Atlantis ones. <3

Beatutiful work! I don't know the other fandoms well, but I adore your Stargate art sooo very much!

I've seen all the FMA art before and it's just gorgeous. I really like the SGA and other art I've not really seen before.

I'm still bummed I didn't get into FMA fandom earlier...

Great stuff - I especially love the comic book page. And I like the blazing fire in the Roy color sketch!

Thank you :)
I should really experiment a little more with painting fire. Watercolor is a naturl medium for painting water of any kind... many times you just have to lean back and let the color do its thing. But fire needs a few more tricks. I mean I know how to show the warm glow of a campfire, but not an all-consuming blaze.

I'm only familar with the Bones fandom, but i'm loving your work. I really like this style you have going. My fav is "In the Pale Moonlight' colours, composition, and great sense of 'being there' :)

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