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Some reruns?
Friends list, I am so tempted to just order a starter's set of the Powerstriders instead of waiting for that trial class that lady promised. It's been almost a week and no news yet so I'm starting to suspect it may have been an empty promise.

I'll give it another week!

I'm still collecting links for another set of recs. In the meantime, could I interest you in a set of re-recs? These are some of my go-to vids I love to rewatch over and over and can never get enough of; in no particular order:

Victorious (Chuck)
Open Secrets of the Pegasus Galaxy (SGA)
Happy Working Song (Leverage, team)
In the Ayer (Leverage, team)
In Exchange for Your Tomorrows (HP, Snape, Harry, Voldemort)
Without Me (AtS, Lilah)
Living Dead Girl (BtVS/AtS, Faith)
What is Eternal (SGA, Rodney)
Rockstar (SGA, Lorne)

Still can't find a new link for Jesus Walks and a few others. But the above links should all work, most of them even if you're in Germany. (screw GEMA)

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Ooooh. My favorite Chuck vids are all blocked, but you know how to check them out, right?

Chuck - Our kind of love:
Not for the music, but it has lots of Chuck dancing. Nice.

Chuck - Ache:
From seaons 1 and 2, when Chuck was still pining. Oh, the good old (painful) days.

The ones I personally love watching most right now are all Sherlock, unsurprisingly. Maybe I should just make my own rec post.

Sherlock - You make me smile:
The happy-feeling vid from my collection. Everything else is angst. ;)

but you know how to check them out, right?

Why yes, I am well-versed in the Shady Arts. *g*

Thanks, I'll check out the Chuck vids, I don't know either of them yet. Sherlock's not my thing but I'm gonna take a look at that vid, too.

Rockstar is one of my favourites. Haven't watched that in a while. Thanks for reminding me about it! :)

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