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I finally watched Avengers last night. I'm really not big on superheroes, nor on gadgets and explosions, and the movie came so highly praised that I feared there was no way but down - but this movie absolutely worked for me. It was entertaining, it was funny, it had lovely character interaction and the kind of ensemble I love, and the dialog rocked.

I could've done with fewer explosions because they bore me but those alien skeleton airships in the end were very cool!

Natasha is a great character, fandom, you didn't promise too much and now I find myself actually looking forward to her movie. But I *really* hope Joss is gonna be in charge of that one, too! "I'm in the middle of an interrogation", hee. The dialog and characterization are what made this movie and it had Joss written all over it. Tony: "How is this now about me?", Steve: "I'm sorry, isn't everything?" rofl. Joss even made Captain America work for me, as the straight man to Tony's snarkiness. (Though his name and his costume won't ever not make me wince, sorry Steve...)

As to Loki - watching 'Thor' I didn't get the Loki love and now I get it even less. I mean, he does make a convincing villain and the actor was great in the role. But I don't get the adoration. If I'm honest, I'm miffed because so often the characters I really like get hell from fandom for what are really very human flaws... like Buffy getting depressed after her friends tear her out of heaven... or Jennifer not adjusting super-quickly to a life threatened by life-sucking space vampires... or Nate Ford turning to alcohol and being kind of an asshole after his son dies and then not kicking the habit just like that *snaps*. Loki is a mass murderer but he's adopted.

^ Okay, but when Thor said that line I LOL'd. Oh, Thor! Whedon really must be a genius because after watching 'Thor' I thought he was one of the blandest characters I've ever seen but here he really came to life for me. How he cares about Earth and humans, and is humble in spite all his power. He's so honorable and earnest and really very adorable. (And he has really pretty eyes. For some reason I didn't notice that in 'Thor')

And the Hulk! I loved both Bruce and the Hulk, how did that happen? Ever since I was a kid I found that character completely unrelatable but here... the actor for Bruce was perfect, he had that air of calm and vulnerable with something barely contained beneath. And the Hulk was just awesome. The Hulk ROCKED. Especially in the end, when he smashes Loki around like a puppet (we all LOL'd) and when he casually punches his teammate without even looking. That was hilarious.

Question: me and my roommates were under the impression that Agent Coulson isn't really dead? Not sure I caught it right but didn't we have only Fury's word on it? And he may be holding something back?

And speaking of, Fury and Coulson are great characters, too! Coulson's fanboying over Captain America and Fury going badass with the bazooka were some of my favorite moments.

So yeah, loved it unconditionally, will watch it again. Would buy the DVD if it wasn't Marvel. I'm not feeling fannish about it which is a shame, considering that fandom is the land of milk and honey right now and it would be nice to share in the fun.

Well, I might check out some fic. Maybe something with Bruce or Natasha, or some ensembl-y gen... mmh.

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I liked the Avengers icons that you were using so much that I followed the links and got some of my own!

Yeah. I REALLY love her character.

And she's hot, so, you know, that's a plus. :)

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