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fanart: Black Widow & Hawkeye, gen-ish, finished
I ended up inking that earlier sketch. The stark contrast technique worked out quite interesting.

Third fill for my Fight Bingo line, for the prompt "Mixed Sex": Black Widow protecting Hawkeye (the two of them protecting each other, really) is something I can't get enough of so here's my contribution. :)

medium: marker and brushpen, color in PS

(sketch is here)


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Oh, that looks great! You have such a wonderful, bold inking style; I love it. <3 ETA: And I love the minimal color palette; it's very effective.

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I don't feel bold when I'm inking when every line feels so permanent, so what I like to do is ink on transparent sketching paper that I tape on top of the sketch. That way the line becomes less inhibitid. Actually on this piece I even used too layers of sketching paper 'cause when it started to look like it was turning out well, I was getting again concerned I'd mess it up. New layer of paper, problem solved. Then I just cut off the parts I didn't need.

Oh, I like it, very dramatic. :) Even though I'm not familiar with Avengers.

Is it traditional ink or digital? Looks like real ink pen to me, but I'm not sure.

It's traditional, brush pen and black marker on transparent paper, with the red added in Paint Shop Pro.

Thanks! Was fun to try out a different style.

Very cool! And the red blood and red of Natasha's hair is a great effect (ahhh, Clint, you are damn lucky your partner is such a badass...)

That is GORGEOUS! But the subject matter is giving me worried feelings for poor Hawkeye. He's okay, right? Please tell me he's okay.

Just a flesh wound. :)

Relief! That's good to know.

I would never do bad things to the characters I love. (Just bad...ish things. Heh.)

the two shocking bits of red work so well with the b&w. this is wonderful

Yay, glad the effect works.

This looks really great!

Poor Hawkeye.

Thank you!
Ah, he'll be fine.

Oh, I love it. The contrast is incredible.

Oh, this looks fantastic! I very much love the style. :)

I love this, you have such a gorgeous style. :D

I'm glad you like the style, thanks!

THAT IS SO COOL. I had NO idea what you meant about inking / colouring from the sketch post, but then I saw this and it made sense.

It looks AWESOME. AND you taught me something about how people draw / make art!

Yeah, I like to see other artists' processes as well. So happy you like!

User etrangere referenced to your post from Volume 77, Issue 3 saying: [...] (Rated PG) - drew Black Widow & Hawkeye [...]

Ooh, I like this! You really gave Barton good weight.

Oh wow, this is such a fabulous image. Go Widow!

Very nicely done. The monochrome looks alive with those few splashes of red.

Thanks. It was fun to tinker around with this style.

Wonderful! They have such a neat dynamic.

They do! Oh man, I do hope there'll be a Black Widow origin movie with Hawkeye in it, too, and directed and written by Joss, and as amazing as this one. I really really want that.

I was -- not to sound too enthusiastic, heh -- pretty damn thrilled by the platonic vibe, and how well it was put across. It was fresh and pretty unique for moviedom.

I love that aspect too. Absolutely loved it. You get that vibe in tv shows but almost never in movies, I think because moviemakers think they have only two hours to tell their story and have to serve their audience a ready, pre-made, bland cookie-cutter romance. I'm very glad that Joss did it differently (who knows, maybe it'll encourage other directors to venture just a bit off their trodden paths.)

Have to add that I got more than platonic out of the Natasha/Clint relationship. Just not something easily described. They're a lot like Roy and Riza that way - more than best friends, more like co-dependent partners, whether they're lovers or in love or not is totally open to interpretation.

It makes the fic more interesting, too, 'cause you get a wider range.

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This is stunning. Just... no words. The stark contrast of the background, the play between light and dark, the punches of red-- it's just gorgeous. I'm completely blown away. Thank you for sharing this!!!

Oh, thank you, that comment makes me happy. :)

Okay I think I'm slightly in love with you. THis has just so much to it to love. Your inking is tremendous, your sense of the figure is spot on. Your dramatic lighting and composition marked with selective color. This is just kinda perfection in itself. Yup.

Thank you ♥. This was an experiment, glad you like it.

SQUEE! I've got a giant hurt/comfort kink for these two to begin with; this is divine! &hearts

You are not alone in that. :) Have you read In a Winter month? Seriously good Clint h/c fic with awesome Natasha. Sadly I fear the author has abandoned it after two chapters, but those two chapters are still worth reading. (Even if I'm now itching to know where the plot goes.)

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