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Rec of the day
One more vid... I found it only today and I love it to bits. Brilliant editing and storytelling, with using Natasha's talk with Loki as voice over.
Sweet Dreams, 3:01 min; Natasha-centric with Natasha/Clint

This chibi cartoon has been recced all over the place and it's very cute indeed: Barton told me everything (Loki, Clint, Natasha)
and one more: Clint Barton Can't Draw: The top five ways I did not meet Natasha Romanoff - The ending made me laugh out loud.

In other news, I couldn't find a toproping partner for Sunday yet, I suspect football as the culprit. Might change my plans and go outdoor bouldering tomorrow, which would be the only day in the foreseeable future that's supposed to be sunny and dry. Sunday, more rain. Next week, yet more rain. Did I mention I hate rain? I LOATHE rain.

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