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rec(s) of the day
Congratulations on Your Birthday by [ profile] ashen_key
Gen; Natasha backstory; 3100 words
Summary: Between an ordinary little Russian girl living with her parents and an ex-Soviet assassin-turned-Avenger living in America are thirty-one birthdays, each celebrated (or not) a different way.

The Bad Job by [ profile] marlowe78
Gen; Rated M for mature/triggery themes; Eliot-centric teamfic with Nate POV; genre: casefic/character study; 29309 words
Warnings (highlight to read): mentions of child pornografie and child abuse; rape (of an adult, non-graphic, chapter in question has trigger warning.)
Summary: Sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. And sometimes, the path they tread is dirty and wrong. Sometimes, you have to wonder how far you are prepared to go...

This is a gripping, well-plotted casefic that could have been an episode except it goes darker than the show would be willing or able to go, I think. It's an exploration of Eliot's character that they so far haven't done, and I'd been wondering before if they haven't done it yet because it can't easily be done honestly and still be in tune with the general more lighthearted mood of the show. Nate says in the story: The thing is, we all like him. We all try to ignore the big, deadly tiger in the room. But we all know it's a tiger, we just like to pretend it's a tabby.

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