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rec(s) of the day
Five Times Pepper Took Care of the Avengers and One Time They Took Care of Her [ profile] SidheRa
Gen with canon pairings; Pepper & team; 4319 words
Bruce and the Amazing Technicolor Snot Wad or, In Which the Hulk Gets Sick. After which the virus takes down the rest of the team one by one. Quite adorable teamfic with an awesome Pepper.

Four Times Pepper Considered Quitting and the One Time She Actually Said It by seren_ccd (Iron Man movieverse)
Gen; PG; 4520 words
“No one would blame you if you quit,” a little voice in her head told her.
She turned on the computer and clicked on the Inbox. 853 unread messages received in the last 48 hours.
“Really. It would be a totally okay thing to quit,” the little voice continued. “He thought you were a hooker!”

vid rec: Avengers (Multi-Fandom) - Run This Town
Love this song, love the editing.

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