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Fancy dinner party gone horribly wrong? (kicking ass and taking names in full evening wear!)

Edited at 2012-06-28 08:12 pm (UTC)

Cool motif, but it would involve drawing a crowd. (The artist's bane. Well, mine anyway.) But I love the idea of kicking as in full evening wear! Hmm

This may not be action-oriented enough, but what about one of them bandaging the other's wounds after a fight?

Mmm yeah, appealing motif. I want to draw some action for practice first but maybe I can do a version of this, too.

Budapest? Clint was supposed to kill her... he made a different call.

aldskfjslkfjdkl I'm excited you might possibly create something with them at all!!! <3

Hawkeye up high, his bow at the ready, watching Natasha taking a swing at a bad guy. The bad guy could be generic, something in the shadow so you only have to ink the two main characters. Plus, I can't think of a good bad guy.

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