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Rec of the day
Indebted by [ profile] sablier_bloque
Clint/Natasha; NC-17; origin/action/friendship/romance; 14312 words
Author's warnings: mentions of underage rape, and there is a scene where an underaged Natasha uses a sexual act for an ulterior motive, but there is no underage sex between Clint and Natasha
Summary: Clint Barton is sent to kill a young girl named Natalia Romanova. He makes a different call.

This story is amazing. Slightly different take from what I've read before, in that Natasha is 14 when Clint is sent to kill her. Someone else compared her to Hanna from the movie, and yeah, it's a bit like that (only a lot better handled IMO). The way the story deals with Natasha's young age (and the age difference between her and Clint) always feels credible and realistic and I love her growth as a person and the progression of her relationship with Clint, the growth of trust and loyalty between them.

Seriously, if you're not in love with the character already, you will be after this.

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