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Rec of the day
Two time loop fics:
A Year of Wednesdays by [ profile] tuesday (The A-Team)
Murdock/B.A. and team; Rating: mature; Genre: time loop; 5517 words
Summary: Murdock has super powers! Or he is stuck in a time loop. Maybe both!
Face smiled in that not-really-reassuring way he had and said, "Things'll look better in the morning." It wasn't anything he hadn't said forty times before, wasn't any more or less patronizing than a hundred other ways he'd tried to sympathize with the bad days and utterly failed.
Murdock punched him right in the jaw.

The Shortest Week by [ profile] shinysylver (Avengers movieverse)
Gen; characters: Tony, Steve, Thor, Fury; time loop; 15375 words
Summary: It doesn’t take Tony long to realize that he’s stuck in a time loop, doomed to relive the same crappy day over and over again. Every day he wakes up hung over—whether or not he drinks—has to deal with giant robots and, even worse, a pissed off Captain America. Tony has to figure out how to stop the cycle before he goes crazy and in the process maybe he and Steve can come to an understanding.

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