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Rec of the day
a world of darkness//a world of silence by [ profile] Mizzy
Gen; PG-13; teamfic (slightly centered on Steve and Tony) with Loki and Fury; 14866 words
Summary: Clint and Natasha meet Bruce while on mission in the middle of nowhere. It could be a coincidence if it was just them, but it's not. It doesn't take long for the Avengers to realize that someone has engineered for them all to end up trapped in the same place. But who? And why?
"Well," Natasha says, in a strange tone, "I think I know who our mark is."
"Who?" Clint asks, inching forwards just a little, and then he knows too. Because apart from a pretty blonde waitress and the shuffle of a shadow behind the kitchen hatch, there's only one person in the diner.
And it's someone they know.
The man, sitting at the main counter and disturbed by the draft from the door, looks up from his cup of coffee, sees them, and sags. "Great," Dr. Bruce Banner sighs, "an assassination attempt before my breakfast is even ready. This is my life."

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