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Rec of the day
if ever two were one by kuhori_rei
Clint/Natasha; Rating: T; team/humor/romance; 5150 words
Summary: Five ways the Avengers found out Clint and Natasha were married, and one way they didn’t. Featuring domesticity, scrambled documents, Tony and Pepper getting their snoop on, and of course some general badassery.

I thought I'm not into marriage tropes, but apparently I love them when they're done in a certain way. I like how the team find out one by one... through these entirely mundane, unspectacular (well, mostly) occasions. Just a pair of master assassins, doing their taxes.

WIP update: The Father's Son Job by [ profile] YeahLev (Leverage) is now complete. Don't miss this one if you like teamy, plotty casefic - one of the best I've found in this fandom.
Summary: Nate goes to Ireland on family business and runs into trouble. Good thing the rest of the gang followed him.

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