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Rec of the day
Another take on Widow and Hawk's backstory that I particularly liked: Ashes, a series of three fics by [ profile] SugarFey. Natasha-centric but Clint plays a significant part.

Gen; PG-13; 1030 words
Summary: She's been turned upside down and inside out so often she doesn't know who she is anymore, but she knows who she wants to be.

A Walk On Part in the War
PG-13; hint of N/C subtext; 2050 words
Summary: She's stopped running for now, but past sins always catch up.

World On Fire
PG-13; Natasha/Clint; Warnings: allusions to child abuse and rape; 2171 words
Summary: He first sees her from a rooftop in St Petersburg in the light of an inferno.

Snagged from be_compromised*: Why I Ship Hawkwidow - A Powerpoint Presentation
Heeh :)
*actually quite a few of my recs are snagged from that comm. Great place for all your Hawk&Black Widow needs

In other news, I now have a tumblr. Actually, turns out I already had a tumblr and forgot I'd made it. Facepalming a little, here. My name over there is astrid-v but if you're following me here there's probably nothing interesting to see over there. I just plan to use it to crosspost some of my fanart.

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