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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol / (anyone happen to have recs?)
The other day there was a secret on fandomsecrets that told me I'm not the only one who was pleasantly surprised by that movie. I watched it because I kept seeing all those Widow/Hawk vids that used Ghost Protocol footage that made it look like a pretty fun movie and now that I watched it: Yep, it's a hell of a lot of fun. I was really suprised how much I liked it. I expected, I dunno, some car-chase-and-explosion-heavy dumb kind of action flick, I guess, but the plot is actually very decent and it's got a nice sense of humor. (And Jeremy Renner is really pretty great in it, and kind of cute, even though I couldn't fit his character into my headcanon for Hawkeye like I was hoping.)

I liked it so much that I went to Amazon and bought the DVD and then I watched it again. And, um, ordered the previous three (10 Euro for three movies, good deal too). I put this movie in the same category as Thoughtcrimes... another one I unexpectedly ended up liking so much that I'm still reading fic for it here and there.

So, yeah, fic... does anyone, by any chance, have recs for MI4? I prefer gen and casefic, but at this point I'm pretty open to anything as long as Brandt is in it.

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