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rec(s) of the day
Two Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol recs that I'm snagging from [personal profile] jenna_thorn right away:

Safety Net by [ profile] Zinnith
Gen (pre-Benji/Brandt if you squint); friendship, h/c; 4131 words
Summary: "It's okay, I've got you."

A mission goes to hell and Benji is there to catch Brandt when he falls.

But Then Again So Are You by leah k
Benji/Brandt and team; NC-17; casefic/romance; 12116 words
Summary: Ethan's plan is surprisingly simple, if they can pull it off: get Cade to invite Brandt over, plant bugs. No masks, no jumping off of anything. Brandt is warming to it, which is why it's confusing when Benji says, "I don't like this plan, it won't work, have you thought about tunneling?"

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