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Just venting about the weather.
This summer is doing its damndest to surpass last year's in crapitude, something I wouldn't have thought possible. Until now the only positive thing you could say about it was that it's not quite as cold as last year. But now we've reached 17°C, tendency falling. Awesome. Trying to break last year's record of 14°C, no doubt. Will we enjoy a day full of sun anytime in the near future? After seven weeks of this I'm starting to doubt it. Blecccchhh.

There are times I really wish I lived in a half-desert climate. If it wasn't for the dozens of... slightly more important factors, I'd be living in Utah already.

(and yes, I know there's a heat wave in the US and yes, I'd trade in a heartbeat. I mean it. I've experienced 113 in Vegas and felt just fine. But this here, that's the kind of weather that makes me physically sick.)

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